A Guide to Selecting High-Performance Roof Windows for New Builds

Are you looking to turn your new build home into a modern, minimalist haven with sleek lines and expansive ...

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What Are The Best Windows for Heat Insulation?

Keeping your home warm without cranking up the heating can feel like a constant battle. Within homes, windo... read more


Why The Need For A Fire Escape Window?

Whilst the number of house fires per year has fallen over the last 10 years, they are still all too common.... read more


Why You Should Convert Your Loft to An Office

Converting a loft to an office is a fantastic way to make a massive difference to your home and working l... read more


What Is the Right Pitch for a Roof Window?

A roof window can make a hugely positive difference to your home, from improving energy efficiency and ment... read more

Homeowner A roofer in a high vis jacket installing roof window flashing

Do You Need Planning Permission for Garage Conversions?

In most circumstances, you will be able to convert your garage without getting planning permission from you... read more


Is a Kitchen Roof Window a Good Investment?

Adding a roof window to your home’s kitchen can make a world of difference to light levels and warmth in th... read more


Can You Install Garage Skylights?

Can you install skylights in a garage? Yes! Not only that, but they can make for a superb feature in what c... read more

Homeowner rolety przyciemniające Dakea w domowym biurze

Do You Need Planning Permission for Roof Windows?

Adding roof windows to your home can be a fantastic way to add light and airiness to a room. However, for s... read more

Homeowner montaż okna dachowego

What to ask an Architect?

When it comes to designing and building a custom project, choosing your architect plays a huge part in the ... read more

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