Can You Install Garage Skylights?

Can you install skylights in a garage? Yes! Not only that, but they can make for a superb feature in what c...

read more
Homeowner rolety przyciemniające Dakea w domowym biurze

Do You Need Planning Permission for Roof Windows?

Adding roof windows to your home can be a fantastic way to add light and airiness to a room. However, for s... read more

Homeowner montaż okna dachowego

What to ask an Architect?

When it comes to designing and building a custom project, choosing your architect plays a huge part in the ... read more


Guide to Choosing to Self-Build Your Home

Houses are getting more expensive to buy, and even when you can afford one, you’re limited from a design st... read more

Professionals Terrace openable flat roof windows

Flat Roof Design Considerations For Extensions

When it comes to expanding your house, options like a flat roof extension are a popular choice because of t... read more

Homeowner rolety zaciemniające czy przyciemniające

Loft Kitchen Ideas

Often, loft kitchen spaces can feel a bit dark and cramped, due to a lack of floor space and the slanted ro... read more


How To Improve Air Quality In The Home

What is deemed as “good” air quality can be different from person to person. In some cases, simple indicato... read more


Ways to Reduce Noise in a House

Creating a peaceful and quiet home can be a challenge for any homeowner or builder. If you’ve got noisy nei... read more


How to build a single storey extension

Building a single storey extension takes meticulous planning and preparation, but where do you start? This ... read more

Homeowner A large bed in an attic conversion with two roof windows above it, lighting it up

Garage loft conversions

A garage loft conversion can be a cost effective way to add extra space to your home. Discover ideas. read more

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