Keeping your home warm without cranking up the heating can feel like a constant battle. Within homes, windows often act as weak spots, letting precious heat escape during colder weather.

Choosing windows that are made to minimise heat loss can make a world of difference, saving you money on energy bills and also creating a more comfortable living space.

So what are the best windows for heat insulation? What goes into making a thermally efficient window?

Materials matter: keeping the heat in with uPVC and timber

When finding the best windows for heat insulation, considering the frame materials is crucial.

uPVC is an effective insulator and popular choice. Crafted with insulating chambers that trap air, uPVC window frames are an affordable way of maximising heat retention in your home. uPVC windows, like our Better Safe PVC, are also resistant to humidity, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms or kitchens.

Wood is also another great option for thermally efficient window frames, thanks to its naturally insulating properties. Imagine wood as a honeycomb – it’s not a solid mass, but rather millions of tiny hollow cells. These cells are primarily filled with air, a very poor conductor of heat. This trapped air creates a significant barrier to heat transfer, slowing down the movement of heat in or out of the wood. At Dakea, we offer a range of roof windows with wood frames for this reason!

A bright office with Dakea windows and a light wood desk.

Double and triple glazing options for maximising insulation

When it comes to heat insulation, glazing and glass coatings play a significant role. Ditching single pane roof windows for double glazing or even triple glazing has a huge impact in the ability of a window to keep the heat in your home.

Unlike single glazing, double and triple glazed windows feature a second or third pane of glass separated by gaps which contain inert gas (like krypton). This helps to slow down the transfer of heat from the inside to the outside. Our triple glazed Ultima Energy roof window, for example, is filled with krypton gas for excellent energy efficiency.

Low-emissivity (low-E) glass coatings are also an excellent way to get the best window insulation possible. These invisible coatings reflect heat, acting like a shield to ‘bounce’ warmth back into your home. In the summer this also has the added benefit of reflecting the sun’s rays away, keeping your space cool and comfortable!

Insulated windows for maximum comfort

Insulated windows are essential for keeping the warmth in during the winter, but it’s equally important for your windows to prevent your home becoming too warm during the summer.

At Dakea, our Ultima Energy roof windows are made with Comfort Glass, a type of glazing designed to prevent too much heat gain in the summer as well as heat loss during the winter, keeping your space comfortable all year round.

How much money can you save on energy bills with insulated windows?

By reducing heat transfer and minimising draughts, insulating windows help to maintain a consistent indoor temperature, reducing the need for heating or cooling systems. Our Ultima Energy roof windows, for example, can reach U-values as low as 0.99W/m2K when used with triple glazing.  This means that they don’t readily transfer heat from the inside to the outside, meaning that precious warmth stays in your home for longer.

This results in significant cost savings over time and can also lower your carbon footprint!

Best windows for heat insulation from Dakea

At Dakea, we offer a wide range of roof windows, all designed to deliver excellent thermal efficiency. Carefully crafted with thermal break technology, double and triple glazing, inert krypton gas and low-E glass coatings, our windows offer excellent heat insulation.

If you’re looking for the perfect windows to help you maintain comfortable temperatures in your home, get in touch or explore our product range.

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