Better Safe PVC

KPV B1000 Uw 1.3 W/m2 K

Better Safe PVC

KPV B1000 Uw 1.3 W/m2 K

  • Dakea Better Safe PVC is a perfect solution for high-humidity rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to their increased resistance to humidity and dirt
  • Dakea Better Safe PVC provides exceptional comfort. As they are made of a PVC material, they're very low maintenance: the window is easy to clean, resistant and doesn't require much treatment. Additionally, they have a ventilation valve and a handle with two extra locking positions for flexible and comfortable ventilation control
  • Dakea Better Safe PVC also stands out for exceptional glazing. Thanks to the new Thermostat solution, they have excellent energy conservation performance of 1.3 W/m2K, as well as toughened external glass and laminated internal glass making them more resistant and safe in case of glass breakage
  • Dakea Better Safe PVC is covered by an up to the 20-year guarantee


Variant 10
Construction 33.2-14-4H
Double glazing 24 mm
Low E
Gas Argon
Ug (W/m2 K) 1.0
Total solar energy transmittance 0.52


Uw (W/m2 K) 1.3
Water tightness E1500
Air permeability Class 4
Resistance to wind load Class C4*
Sound reduction (dB) 34 (-1,-4)

* sizes M10A, U4A: npd

Size | cm price (without VAT) price (inc. vat)
C2A (55x78) * 300.00 GBP 360.00 GBP
C4A (55x98) * 319.00 GBP 382.80 GBP
C6A (55x118) ** 353.00 GBP 423.60 GBP
F4A (66x98) ** 338.00 GBP 405.60 GBP
F6A (66x118) ** 368.00 GBP 441.60 GBP
M4A (78x98) * 357.00 GBP 428.40 GBP
M6A (78x118) * 388.00 GBP 465.60 GBP
M8A (78x140) * 430.00 GBP 516.00 GBP
M10A (78x160) ** 499.00 GBP 598.80 GBP
P6A (94x118) ** 430.00 GBP 516.00 GBP
S6A (114x118) ** 520.00 GBP 624.00 GBP
U4A (134x98) * 496.00 GBP 595.20 GBP

Prices are in £. Delivery mainland.
*1-2 working days delivery time (from manufacturer to merchant)
**3-5 working days delivery time (from manufacturer to merchant)
***3-5 weeks delivery time (from manufacturer to merchant)
Deliver time is in working days from receipt of orders placed before 12 pm. Only for LTL deliveries (less truck-load). The above lead times may be subject
to change, according to stock availability. The estimated delivery time will be specified at the point of ordering and in the Order Confirmation.

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