With more than 80 years of experience in roof window manufacturing, we have reached the highest manufacturing standards possible. Learn more about our production processes and why we are so confident about the quality of the final outcome - the Dakea roof window with a 20-year guarantee.


You are smart because you chose wisely and decided on Dakea products - quality roof windows with unbeaten value to price ratio and ease of installation.

Builders merchants

You sell products that meet market demands. You care about your customers by providing them with great value at a better price. Also, you get outstanding sales support and promo materials.


You chose more wisely than others and relied on a professional recommendation - you paid less, but got a better product with the added bonus of 20 years of guarantee.


Altaterra manufactures and sells high quality roof windows and associated products mainly across Europe. We were born in 2001, a new start up within the privately owned Danish Group VKR Holding.

Today, Altaterra is a European market leader within the private label sector, and proud owners of Dakea, a brand designed for smart professionals. We have sales in over 30 countries and employ people of over 12 different nationalities, who support the sales of our products.

We are proud to deliver high quality roof windows at affordable prices to thousands of professionals and end users.

Altaterra Group - Dakea factory

Quality of our products

What is Max Protect? Dakea

Max protect

We know that making a hole in a roof is something that has to be 100% secured. Severe weather can affect the structural integrity of the house and by choosing the right window you can help reduce the risk of major damage.

Why is it called Masterwood?


We guarantee that all our wood is certified, rigorously selected, Arctic Nordic Pine, which is known for excellent density and increased durability due to very harsh weather conditions of the region.

Comfort and safety glass - where does it come from?

Comfort and safety

Comfort Glass keeps the house warm in the winter and prevents heat build-up in the summer. Additionally, thanks to blocking 95% of UV rays, it protects furniture and carpets from fading. That's all thanks to the double-pane window glazing unit filled with krypton and covered by two low-emission, double action layers of coating.

How we build a pvc frame?


Our maintenance process starts in the making. See how our PVC frame windows construction looks like step by step.

Next 20 - why we offer a 20 year guarantee?

Next 20 guarantee

Next 20 Guarantee - 20 years homeowner to homeowner transferable guarantee. Add value to your home when you resell or rent it on top of the peace of mind you get.

Noise block noise reduction

Noise Block

Enjoy the silence! The Noise Block technology reduces external noise 50% more effectively than comparable windows on the market. It consists of a 6mm thick, toughened outer pane, an advanced flashing system and an inner pane with 2 layers of noise-reducing film.

Production of roof windows


With more than 75 years of experience in roof window manufacturing, we have reached the highest manufacturing standards possible. Learn more about our production processes and why we are so confident about the quality of the final outcome – the dakea roof window with its 20-year guarantee.

Production of roof windows

Quality pane

Toughened and laminated float glass, covered with special tear-resistant, sound-insulating foil, with a low-emissivity or easy to clean coating. The selection of Dakea glass panes has been specifically designed for safety, energy-efficiency and indoor comfort.

Easy clean pvc

Thanks to our milling tools, which have a speed rotation of up to 18000 per minute, the profiling of our windows are smooth and precise. The insulated and steel-reinforced PVC material is carefully welded together for maximum strength of the final product – the Dakea PVC roof window.


Carefully selected and sourced from renewable forests - FSC certified Nordic Pine is the main element of all wooden roof windows in the Dakea range. Our rigorous production process is designed to make the pine even better quality with: humidity-controlled storage, lamination, eco-friendly water-based varnish, drying and more.

roof windows production in DAKEA
testing roof windows

Tested to perfection

Hours, hits, pressure-power, wind-power, layers, days, years, nights, magnifications, shifts, temperature, liters of water… and even cups of coffee consumed during the test… they all have a number proving the work dedicated to delivering the highest quality window. And the numbers are impressive. We guarantee.

testing roof windows

Tested with a 50 kg impactor

We hit our Ultima roof window with a 50 kg impactor. It might sound extreme, but then so might be the weather. The result? Nothing happened. Proof that our windows resist even the most extreme weather conditions.

testing roof windows DAKEA

Tested with
100db noise

We tortured our window with 100dB of noise which is equivalent to the noise made by an electric drill. The result? Our Ultima window reduced the amount of noise by 50% compared to a standard roof window.

quality of DAKEA roof windows

Tested against
144 km/h speed winds

We checked the resistance of our Ultima roof window to hurricane winds. Even such extreme conditions didn’t damage it in any way. Windproof approved.

DAKEA windows testing

Tested with 600 litres of rainwater

Imagine 600 liters of rain falling in just one hour. That’s the equivalent of the amount of annual rainfall per square meter in London! And that’s the amount we dropped on our Ultima roof window to check its water tightness.


Highly accredited

We are so confident about the high quality of our windows, that we give them a 20 year guarantee - the longest guarantee on the market. We take quality very seriously and have a list of certificates to prove it.

Outstanding quality control

We accept only the best so our production is rigidly controlled to make sure it meets the highest possible standards. We have certificates to prove that too.


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