Flashing And Installation Accessories

Dakea has a wide range of installation accessories including roof window and skylight flashing. They’re suitable for all roofing materials with easy and fast installation. Make every installation watertight with our reliable roof window flashing, underfelt collars and vapour barriers.


For projects where standard flashing is not applicable.


Suitable for installation for two VERTICA ENERGY (KAN type) roof windows, besides each other with 120 mm distance between them.

instalacja okna KAN KUN


Suitable for installation for two VERTICA ENERGY (KAN type)roof windows, besides each other with 120 mm distance between them

Standing seam flashinbg


For special steel roofing materials with standing seam connections...


FCX Combi Flat Tile flashing features perfect watertightness

Slate flashing with one piece side element KLS_FLASHING

Slate Flashing with one piece side element

This flashing is easy to fit and suitable for all Dakea roof windows. Suitable for slates and flat roofing, up to 8mm (max overall thickness is 16 mm). 

Flush Flashing

Flush Flashing

For recessed installation of single roof window into slate profile height 16 mm (2x8mm). The 40 mm deeper installation offers better energy performance and aesthetical benefits. Suitable for a roof pitch range of 20°-90°

Slate flashing on corner of window Slate Flashing roof window

Slate Flashing

Suitable for slates and flat roofing, up to 16 mm (2x8 mm)

Universal Flashing corner Universal Flashing copy

Universal Flashing

Universal solution for high tiles between 16-120 mm. 

Tile Flashing corner Tile flashing roof window

Tile Flashing

Suitable for tiles and profiled materials between 16-50 mm. 

Standing seam flashinng

Standing Seam Flashing

NEW! Suitable for installation of windows in “click” standing seam metal sheet.

Combi Twin Flashing Combi Twin Flashing window

Combi Twin Flashing

Suitable for installation of two windows beside each other with an 18 mm gap between them. It brings more light to the interior.

Combi Universal Flashing Combi Universal Flashing roof windows

Combi Universal Flashing

Suitable for installation of more than one window next to one another or above one another

Combi Slate Flashing Combi Slate Flashing roof window

Combi Slate Flashing

Suitable for installation of more than one window next to one another or above one another.

RUC roofing underfeilt foil collar RUC roofing underfeilt foil collar DELTA

RUC Roofing underfelt foil collar

Reduces the installation time by eliminating the need for cutting.

IFC Insulation foam collar on frame IFC Insulation foam collar roof window

IFC Insulation foam collar

Reduce the heat loss around window frame The Insulation Foam Collar forms an insulating frame around the window, restricting heat loss.

RVC roofing vapour barrier foil RVC Roofing vapour barrier foil detail

RVB Roofing vapour barrier foil

Ensures proper connection with the internal vapour barrier Roofing Vapour Barrier is made of vapour and airtight material.

tile flashing for interlocking flat tiles tile flashing for interlocking flat tiles

Tile Flashing for interlocking flat tiles

NEW! Ensures aesthetic and watertight installation for interlocking flat between 16 and 50 mm.

Corner plain tile flashing Plain Tile Flashing roof window

Plain Tile Flashing

The plain flashing is applicable for plain tiles of a max. profile height of 14mm (max length 340mm). Special profiled segmented side parts for plain tiles.

Roof window flashing for professionals

We have a range of roof window flashing types for professional installations. This includes combi, slate, flush, tile, twin flashing and more! With our wide variety of flashing, you can find the perfect match for your client’s roof material and window installation. Not only are they suitable for new installations, they are also ideal for repairs on old and damaged windows that are experiencing leaks.

Browse our materials today and feel confident that every installation will stand the test of time.


Combi flashing is designed so that you can install two windows side by side, increasing natural daylight in the room. Choose your combi flashing using our configurator tool. It will help you match your installation to the correct flashing so you can provide the highest level of service to your customers.

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Why is roof flashing important?

Flashing is a key component in protecting against water damage.

Water can easily enter through vulnerable points in a roof such as windows, causing problems including mould and damp. Flashing isn’t just for windows either; it can be used in various places on a roof such as around chimneys or edges.

When installing a roof window or skylight, choosing appropriate roof window flashing is vital. It protects the vulnerable points of the roof to ensure the new installation doesn’t result in leaks.

Make buildings more durable and reduce indoor mould problems with our watertight flashing, suitable for a range of windows and roofs.

Foils and Collars

Our insulated foam collars reduce heat loss in homes, and our foil collars reduce installation times by eliminating the need for cutting. Create an airtight and insulated roof space with Dakea.

Quality of our products

Our goal is to make high quality roof windows more affordable.

We provide quality roof window and skylight flashing made with professionals in mind. We exceed expectations by providing great value at a better price.

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