Combi Slate Flashing


Combi Slate Flashing


This combi slate flashing is ideal for installing multiple windows – a popular choice when wanting to maximise natural light in a space. It’s ideal for natural and manufactured slates, or you can view our alternative roof window and skylight flashing options.

    • Suitable for installation of more than one window next to one another or above one another
    • Roofing material: natural slates, manufactured slates, shingle, asphalt, roofing felt, bitumen, etc.
    • Not compatible with steel roofing connected by a standing seam. For this, please see combi standing seam flashing.
    • Parts: parts depend on the type of installation. Please contact us to request a quote.

If you’re installing a single roof window, try instead slate flashing for individual installations.


Size | cm price (without VAT) price (inc. vat)
C2A (55x78) SCX 13 148.00 GBP 177.60 GBP
C4A (55x98) SCX 13 156.50 GBP 187.80 GBP
C6A (55x118) SCX 13 159.00 GBP 190.80 GBP
F4A (66x98) SCX 13 158.50 GBP 190.20 GBP
F6A (66x118) SCX 13 174.00 GBP 208.80 GBP
M4A (78x98) SCX 13 167.50 GBP 201.00 GBP
M6A (78x118) SCX 13 178.00 GBP 213.60 GBP
M8A (78x140) SCX 13 186.50 GBP 223.80 GBP
M10A (78x160) SCX 13 200.00 GBP 240.00 GBP
P6A (94x118) SCX 13 193.50 GBP 232.20 GBP
P8A (94x140) SCX 13 212.00 GBP 254.40 GBP
S6A (114x118) SCX 13 209.00 GBP 250.80 GBP
S8A (114x140) SCX 13 223.00 GBP 267.60 GBP
U4A (134x98) SCX 13 214.00 GBP 267.60 GBP
U8A (134x140) SCX 13 233.00 GBP 279.60 GBP
C2A (55x78) SCX 2 90.50 GBP 108.60 GBP
C4A (55x98) SCX 2 95.50 GBP 114.60 GBP
C6A (55x118) SCX 2 95.50 GBP 114.60 GBP
F4A (66x98) SCX 2 95.50 GBP 114.60 GBP
F6A (66x118) SCX 2 105.50 GBP 126.60 GBP
M4A (78x98) SCX 2 100.50 GBP 120.60 GBP
M6A (78x118) SCX 2 108.00 GBP 129.60 GBP
M8A (78x140) SCX 2 113.50 GBP 136.20 GBP
M10A (78x160) SCX 2 121.00 GBP 145.20 GBP
P6A (94x118) SCX 2 117.50 GBP 141.00 GBP
P8A (94x140) SCX 2 128.00 GBP 153.60 GBP
S6A (114x118) SCX 2 126.00 GBP 151.20 GBP
S8A (114x140) SCX 2 134.00 GBP 160.80 GBP
U4A (134x98) SCX 2 130.00 GBP 156.00 GBP
U8A (134x140) SCX 2 141.50 GBP 169.80 GBP
C2A (55x78) SCX 46 181.50 GBP 217.80 GBP
C4A (55x98) SCX 46 187.00 GBP 224.40 GBP
C6A (55x118) SCX 46 192.50 GBP 231.00 GBP
F4A (66x98) SCX 46 188.50 GBP 226.20 GBP
F6A (66x118) SCX 46 194.50 GBP 233.40 GBP
M4A (78x98) SCX 46 193.00 GBP 231.60 GBP
M6A (78x118) SCX 46 198.50 GBP 238.20 GBP
M8A (78x140) SCX 46 204.00 GBP 244.80 GBP
M10A (78x160) SCX 46 212.00 GBP 254.40 GBP
P6A (94x118) SCX 46 206.00 GBP 247.20 GBP
P8A (94x140) SCX 46 216.00 GBP 259.20 GBP
S6A (114x118) SCX 46 215.00 GBP 258.00 GBP
S8A (114x140) SCX 46 228.00 GBP 273.60 GBP
U4A (134x98) SCX 46 221.00 GBP 265.20 GBP
U8A (134x140) SCX 46 236.00 GBP 283.20 GBP
C2A (55x78) SCX 7 94.50 GBP 113.40 GBP
C4A (55x98) SCX 7 101.00 GBP 121.20 GBP
C6A (55x118) SCX 7 103.50 GBP 124.20 GBP
F4A (66x98) SCX 7 103.00 GBP 123.60 GBP
F6A (66x118) SCX 7 111.50 GBP 133.80 GBP
M4A (78x98) SCX 7 107.00 GBP 128.40 GBP
M6A (78x118) SCX 7 114.00 GBP 136.80 GBP
M8A (78x140) SCX 7 120.00 GBP 144.00 GBP
M10A (78x160) SCX 7 128.50 GBP 154.20 GBP
P6A (94x118) SCX 7 127.00 GBP 152.40 GBP
P8A (94x140) SCX 7 135.50 GBP 162.60 GBP
S6A (114x118) SCX 7 133.50 GBP 160.20 GBP
S8A (114x140) SCX 7 141.50 GBP 169.80 GBP
U4A (134x98) SCX 7 134.50 GBP 161.40 GBP
U8A (134x140) SCX 7 148.00 GBP 177.60 GBP

Please contact our friendly customer support team for current lead times.
The estimated delivery time will be confirmed at the time of placing the order.

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Combi flashing is designed so that you can install two windows side by side, increasing natural daylight in the room. Choose your combi flashing using our configurator tool. It will help you match your installation to the correct flashing so you can provide the highest level of service to your customers.

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