• FCX Combi Flat Tile Flashing applicable in roof pitch range of 15-90°
• Suitable for interlocking flat tiles between 16-50 mm thickness.
• For roof window horizontal distance of 120 mm
• FCX Combi Flat Tile flashing features perfect watertightness
• Easy installation
• Weather and UV ray resistant
• Lead free components
• Without apron to ensure a perfect seal to flat roofing materials
Size | cm price (without VAT) price (inc. vat)
C2A (55x78) 159.00 GBP 190.80 GBP
C4A (55x98) 168.00 GBP 201.60 GBP
C6A (55x118) 186.50 GBP 223.80 GBP
F4A (66x98) 170.50 GBP 204.60 GBP
F6A (66x118) 186.50 GBP 223.80 GBP
M4A (78x98) 179.50 GBP 215.40 GBP
M6A (78x118) 191.00 GBP 229.20 GBP
M8A (78x140) 201.00 GBP 241.20 GBP
M10A (78x160) 214.00 GBP 256.80 GBP
P6A (94x118) 207.00 GBP 248.40 GBP
P8A (94x140) 227.00 GBP 272.40 GBP
S6A (114x118) 226.00 GBP 271.20 GBP
S8A (114x140) 240.00 GBP 288.00 GBP
Size | cm price (without VAT) price (inc. vat)
C2A (55x78) 97.00 GBP 116.40 GBP
C4A (55x98) 102.50 GBP 123.00 GBP
C6A (55x118) 113.50 GBP 136.20 GBP
F4A (66x98) 102.50 GBP 123.00 GBP
F6A (66x118) 113.50 GBP 136.20 GBP
M4A (78x98) 108.00 GBP 129.60 GBP
M6A (78x118) 116.00 GBP 139.20 GBP
M8A (78x140) 121.50 GBP 145.80 GBP
M10A (78x160) 130.00 GBP 156.00 GBP
P6A (94x118) 126.00 GBP 151.20 GBP
P8A (94x140) 138.00 GBP 165.60 GBP
S6A (114x118) 135.50 GBP 162.6 GBP
S8A () 144.00 GBP 172.8 GBP

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