Blinds and Comfort accessories

Our selection of comfort accessories includes openers, shutters and a range of blinds for roof windows. Comprising of solar blinds, blackout blinds, roller blinds and more, Dakea has plenty of choices for every window installation. Roof window blinds are a great addition to loft renovations or builds, protecting the room from the sun, and providing light control.

Solar blind for flat roof window

Light control for flat roof window


The telescopic opener rod can be used for all Altaterra roof windows


Protection against insects

Blackout Blind

Almost 100% blackout. Our Blackout blind completely excludes light - turning day into night on demand, making it an excellent choice for bedroom light control. 

Venetian blind Dakea roof window

Venetian Blind

Filtered Light. Our Venetian blind allows excellent sunlight control with that classic and stylish Venetian effect. It is made of aluminum, so you can use it in the bathroom for greater privacy and shade.

Roller Blind (Discontinued)

Diffused Light & Privacy. The Roller blind gives you that ever-popular softly diffused light effect. A practical and low-cost option to bring shade to the living room, kids’ room and any other place you need some shadow.

Anti Heat blind installed

Anti-Heat Blind

This is a truly great option for heat decrease during sunny days and rain noise reduction during bad weather. Made of highly resilient material with PVC coated fibreglass, it is rot proof and dirt resistant.


Solar operated roller shutter. Fit all size of your Dakea roof windows. Protects against heat and cold. Provides extra sound reduction and security.

Safety lock of roof windows Safety lock Dakea roof windows

Safety Lock

Increased Safety

Electric Opener for roof window Electric Opener zoom

Electric Opener

Having problems with access to the roof window?

Accessories for DAKEA KAS smoke vent system

Control unit KFC 210

Comfort switch

Wind deflector

Smoke detector

Break-glass point

Rain sensor

Control unit KFC 220

Control system

Complett control system for up to 4 x KAS smoke ventilation roof windows

Why Choose Blinds?

Blinds are a great option to add not only extra insulation and light protection, but to make homes look and feel more comfortable. Adding a blind to a roof window provides both a homely feel and an element of privacy. Dakea blinds are ideal for soaking up the sun and blocking it out when needed.

Buy comfort accessories

Check out our online store and find the perfect accessories for your roof windows! Choose from our wide range of blinds, opener rods and shutters so you can cater to your client’s every need.

Configure your comfort accessories!

Configurator Tool

Blinds for every roof window

Many of Dakea’s blinds are compatible with other makes of roof windows, including VELUX®, FAKRO®, Optilight®, Keylite®, Starlite®, RoofLITE® and DAKSTRA®.

This flexibility allows you to deliver on your customer’s requests no matter their brand of pre-installed roof window, or the roof window you choose during an installation. You can enjoy high quality, affordable blinds on your Dakea roof windows.

View our collection of high quality roof windows, designed for professionals.

Different materials for different needs

Our range of materials and features fit homes with varying needs. Whether customers are looking for black out blinds to turn day into night, solar blinds for privacy and burglary protection, or safety lock blinds for extra security, we have something for everyone at Dakea.



Are you a homeowner? Find a local Dakea Distributor or Stockist in your area and ask about our range of blinds for roof windows.


Dakea’s knowledge base is full of useful information about installation best practices, product compatibility and any certificates and technical parameters of our roof windows.


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