PVC Roof Windows

PVC Roof Windows are one of Dakea’s best sellers. Why? They’re recyclable, energy-efficient, durable and add a nice touch to any household. In short, our range of PVC windows is an all in one solution for professionals that want to provide premium products at affordable prices.

Ultima Energy PVC

PVC window recommended for rooms located in a noisy neighborhood or facing the street, as well as rooms where improved insulation is required such as bedrooms and living rooms, etc.

Better Energy PVC

Dakea Better Energy PVC thanks to the increased resistance to wet and dirt, it is an excellent solution for rooms with high humidity

Better Safe PVC cross-section of roof window

Better Safe PVC

Dakea Better Safe PVC is a perfect solution for high-humidity rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to their increased resistance to humidity and dirt.

Good PVC akcesoria do okien

Good PVC

Dakea Good PVC is resistant to humidity and dirt. Discover affordable roof windows for rooms with increased humidity.


Dakea OPAQUE PVC is suitable for rooms that are exposed to the exterior and have special privacy needs such as bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.

Fixed flat roof window Fixed flat roof window DAKEA


Flat roof window designed so it broadens towards the interior and provides more light in the room.

Openable flat roof window copy Openable Flat roof window


Electrically-vented flat roof window designed to provide more daylight and comfort.

OPTIMA PVC kitchen


OPTIMA PVC is are a perfect solution for high-humidity rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to their increased resistance to humidity and dirt.

Windows you can trust

Dakea windows are manufactured with high-quality PVC that is usually reinforced with steel to make them easy to clean and care for. All of our PVC windows are built with max protection in mind. Dakea understands that severe weather can have adverse effects on the structural integrity of a home. We’ve produced products that help to reduce major damage to a roof.

Benefits of PVC Windows

PVC windows carry a whole range of benefits for your customer. Known for their security, with a sturdy frame and double glazed glass, they stop intruders from breaking through. Energy efficiency; PVC is a low conductor of heat meaning it will form a closed air system, minimising the heat loss. Low maintenance material; unlike natural materials that require annual sanding, varnishing and repainting, PVC can last for decades without any sign of weathering.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Providing value to clients is integral for good customer service. PVC windows are not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to any project, but also provide energy-saving measures built into their frames. When produced, PVC has a small carbon footprint and reduces heat loss from any room. The Ultima Energy PVC and Better Energy PVC are Dakea’ best energy-efficient options for PVC windows


Our configurator can help you choose between wooden and PVC windows and help you to find the perfect one


Sound Proof

PVC in combination with double glazed window panels decreases the amount of noise that passes into a home. PVC windows reduce external noise by up to 50%, compared with traditional counterparts. Perfect for customers with homes on busy streets where they want to reduce outside noise.

Guaranteed to Last

Our range of PVC windows is made with quality in mind. Our range of windows come with a guarantee of up to 20 years that is transferable between homeowners, passing value from professionals to clients and along to future generations of homeowners.

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