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You sell products that meet market demands. You care about your customers by providing them with great value at a better price. Also, you get outstanding sales support and promo materials.

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Stock partner

Stock partner

Stock Partner - Unrivalled partner for crisis time. Dakea supports its’ Distributors with a full and unrivalled range of services from stock management to the 100% risk free sell & pay solution.

Stock partner

Do you want minimum stock holding and maximum stock turnover? Do you want to invest your cash somewhere else than in stock? Choose the stock partner sell & pay option!

Stock partner sell & pay:

  • Investment free – Refresh your offer with a new brand and product range. Try it and pay when it works! Stock for your customers’ needs, but pay for the goods only when they are sold! The only capital you need is some space on your shelf.
  • Risk-free – How many slow rotating products are you forced to keep on your stock? With Dakea it is simple. If after the agreed period of time a product is not selling we will take it back free of charge!


Tired of complex stock management? Want your team to focus on something else than stock checking and restocking? As a true expert of the roof window business, we can tailor your stock profile to match the needs of your customers. Add simple and efficient Vendor Managed Inventory support to your stock partner program.

Stock partner – VMI support:

  • Build your stock on fixed quantity/item agreement and have it reload automatically by us!
  • Leave the stock rotation monitoring to our dedicated advisors. We will keep your stock mix accurate. If some products are considered to be slow-moving, we will modify the stock mix accordingly. If stock turnover is very high (which can result in temporary stock shortage), we will suggest increasing it.
Stock partner DAKEA


Inside each window box, your customer will find the necessary information to register free of charge for the 20-year guarantee. Everything a homeowner needs is contained in the envelope glued on the window next to yours. Please remind the homeowner to make the necessary steps and provide any assistance that becomes necessary.

Do not hesitate to register the window guarantee yourself for him. All you need is the window ID number from the production plate, together with your customer details. In this case, do not forget to send the customer the printed transferrable guarantee form. This lends fantastic added value to your installation service, by being in a position to offer that extended, transferrable guarantee free of charge, which will surely entitle you as a result to your cash club compensation.

For more details, as well as full terms and conditions of the program please visit us at

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