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Optimised range

We know that you need different windows and accessories for different rooms, projects and budgets. We know you’re looking for value for money but also that you want the highest possible specifications, quality and durability. So, we’ve put together an impressive range that ticks every box.

Dakea optima

Products designed specifically to meet your requirements, providing great performance at a competitive price.


The full Dakea product range, provided in addition to the „CORE range”, for those little extras.


We can supply any additional and specialist products which you may need.


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Dakea Core range

OPTIMA PVC kitchen


Dakea Optima Pine roof window Optima Pine Optima Pine cross-section of window


Better Safe roof window interior design

Optima White

Product benefits


Our high spec windows offer E1350 water tightness, which means they can withstand a level 2 hurricane and winds of up to 110 mph. The fact that the windows are completely sealed means total peace of mind even during the worst weather and storms. Add in our 20 year guarantee, and it makes them a unique and high quality offer.

Water tightness roof windows


Even the most insulated windows can be a source of energy loss if they're not airtight. Our Class 4 air tightness classification means up to three times less unwanted airflow than a Class 3 (the average class of other roof window brands), leaving you snug, safe and dry in even the worst weather. Dakea windows make air leakage a thing of the past.

Housebuilders aim permeability

After sales

Sometimes, we know that you may need information after a project is complete. And if for some reason, there’s a problem, we’re pretty sure you’d like to know that it will be resolved quickly and easily. So we’ve made sure you’ll get all the help you need.

step 1

Take a photo of the window type plate

step 2

Go online and make a claim

step 3

Our staff will resolve the issue

Register your question or query

As a Housebuilder or a home owner, you can register your question or query online and we'll sort it out for you. We guarantee that the end user won't ever be left with any unresolved problems, not least thanks to our 20 year guarantee. We don't even ask for proof of purchase: a photo of the type plate of the window is enough.

site services

Do you ever wish there was just someone who could answer all your questions quickly without you having to spend hours hunting for the answer? Or perhaps you’d like to have one place where you can go to find all the answers?


The Sitepack contains comprehensive materials and is available from our Key Account Managers. You'll find it's got everything you need to know about our roof windows (from storage through to installation, maintenance, and best practice).


installation instructions

Video of DAKEA KTF roof window installation


Video of DAKEA KSF roof window installation


Video of DAKEA KUF roof window installation


Optimal logistics

Most projects run to a tight deadline and you need to be sure orders turn up on time and are easy to track. We’re also pretty sure that you want to have all the key information at your fingertips when you need it. And we’ve got that covered.

Services we offer

step 1

The order is placed

step 2

Roof window is delivered to site

step 3

The Key Account gets the information

step 4

Moments after steps 2 & 3, Key Account contacts the Site Manager with all the necessary info and offering help

plot lotting service

Plot-lotting is a service that helps site managers to order and identify windows on site.

All boxes are clearly marked with a plot number which makes the on-site identification process much easier.

Plot lotting service


Design is at the heart of every project and the details behind that design drive success. But you probably haven’t got time to search for product and design information for different windows and projects and you may sometimes just need a little extra design and information support.

Win back valuable time

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