We’re delighted to introduce you to Dakea, where we focus on solutions developed in cooperation with professional roofers to improve your work and reduce installation time, while still meeting high technical standards.
Find out more about these benefits, and why Dakea is a smart choice for professionals.

Free Accessories

Free of charge accessories help you save money on expenses, that would have to be incurred anyway. Which means you save money and you save time at work!

Free of charge IFC is included with Dakea Ultima windows. For other Dakea windows this product is available as an additional item.

RUC is included free of charge with majority of roof windows from the Better and Ultima range.

Easy and time-saving installation

We developed Dakea Installation accessories with professionals in mind. Thanks to smart features our accessories make your installation process easier and significantly quicker.

The Dakea Quick Install collar (RUC) is made from one piece with no joints, so it ensures 100 % water tightness and its squared surface pattern will help you to cut straight, making installation even easier. It is a technically advanced product designed to protect the roof and water tightness of the construction.

The Insulation Foam Collar is pre-cut, which ensures faster and faultless installation. All you have to do to install it, is stick the adhesive side.

Dakea roof windows are installed the same way as other popular brands of windows. Installers will find it easy to follow the step by step instructions.

More Profit

Dakea offers you the best value for money, so you can earn more than with any other competitive brand. Your customers (homeowners, investors) will get more features for an unbeatable price. Combine that with our 20 year guarantee and they’ll be absolutely thrilled with your services.

A great range

At Dakea we have it all – roof windows to meet the majority of customers’ needs, flashings which are compatible with all popular roof types, essential blinds and other common comfort accessories and solutions for roofs with a pitch of between 0 to 90 degrees.

The Dakea range is is easily accessible, easy to understand and easy to sell. And high quality is always guaranteed.


Inside each window box, your customer will find the necessary information to register free of charge for the 20-year guarantee. Everything a homeowner needs is contained in the envelope glued on the window next to yours. Please remind the homeowner to make the necessary steps and provide any assistance that becomes necessary.

Do not hesitate to register the window guarantee yourself for him. All you need is the window ID number from the production plate, together with your customer details. In this case, do not forget to send the customer the printed transferrable guarantee form. This lends fantastic added value to your installation service, by being in a position to offer that extended, transferrable guarantee free of charge, which will surely entitle you as a result to your cash club compensation.

For more details, as well as full terms and conditions of the program please visit us at

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