Here you will find the information about how to plan for a roof window, how to register them so you can enjoy the longest guarantee on the market and some tips on how to maintain it afterward.

Same window area = More daylight

Bigger windows, of course, admit more daylight, but it is also worth considering more smaller windows as a better overall effect can be achieved. Using one roof window would allow daylight to light approximately 46% of this room. Using two roof windows with a combined total surface area of the previous window would allow daylight to illuminate approximately 48% of this room.
Four roof windows with the same combined total surface area distributed more evenly would allow daylight to illuminate approximately 65% of this room!

Correct lining for maximum light

You can also admit more light into the room by using the correct lining. If the lining is vertical below the window, and horizontal above the window, you allow more light to enter the room.

Correct lining for free circulation

If incorrectly splayed, warm air is trapped and may cause condensation. When correctly splayed, warm air circulates freely around the room.

Fitting roof windows to rafters

Before deciding on a particular size of the window, the structural integrity of the roof should be considered fully. Most roofs can be adapted to take roof windows but some engineered trusses should not be cut without a proven solution. If you have any doubts which beam to cut, we recommend seeking professional advice before commencing work.

Plan a roof window

What to consider to maximize light from your roof windows:

  • The size of the roof window
  • The number of roof windows
  • The position of the roof windows
  • The shape of the internal lining

The outlook of the house

In addition to internal light and design, you should also consider what visual impact the roof windows will have on the outside of your house. Consider the roof windows’ position in relation to existing windows in the house. Then try to balance the need for internal light with the external architecture. By doing this your roof windows will look elegant from the outside and perform according to your needs on the inside.

Steeper Pitch: Longer Window

A roof window should always be placed at the correct height and be of the right size to suit your specific needs. Choosing the correct window size has to do with the roof pitch on your house. If you have a low roof pitch you need a larger roof window height to have the same view as in a house with a steeper roof pitch. A general rule is therefore that “the lower the pitch of the roof, the higher the roof window”.

In addition to the size of the roof window, you should also consider in which height to install the roof window. It is important that most occupants in the house have a clear view out the window.

There is no one single “correct” window size or window placement. The window should always be placed for the convenience and functionality of the users, and this can vary according to the conditions. For the same view, a shallow pitch roof requires a taller window than a roof with a steeper pitch.

Safety during installation

Wear suitable protective equipment during installation. You can normally complete the installation of a roof window from the inside of the house, and scaffolding is therefore not considered necessary. However, as with all construction, there is a risk that objects might be dropped from the roof (hammer, tiles, etc). We, therefore, recommend that you never leave any object resting on the external face of the roof and that any area at risk should be sectioned off to minimize the risk.

It is recommended that you wear safety masks and goggles, when cutting any internal materials in the roof or when cutting tiles. Furthermore, it is also suggested using temporary support battens whilst placing the window frame.

The maintenance process

Roof windows require little care – just the ordinary cleaning of the pane and a yearly re-lacquering of the wood if installed in rooms with a high level of humidity. All roof windows rotate up to 165 degrees to facilitate easy cleaning of the external pane. Moreover, Dakea Ultima and Dakea Best PVC ranges come with a care-free Titan Glass coating. 

Titan Glass glazing unit offers an unparalleled reduction of dirt builds upon the external surface of the window.

During the manufacturing process of the glazing, a special microscopic titanium dioxide coating is applied directly to the surface of the glass. When exposed to sunlight, this titanium coating triggers a dual-action process:

  • Using a “photocatalytic” process, the coating reacts with ultra-violet rays present in natural daylight to break down and disintegrate organic dirt.
  • Uses rain to wash away the disintegrated dirt. Making your window maintenance environmentally friendly and carefree!

Titan Glass enables faster drying – leaving the glass clean and with reduced streaks, which gives you beautifully clear views and makes it ideal for all the exterior glass surfaces in your home.

You can also clean the wood with hot soapy water, but please note that too frequent cleaning may increase the need for re-lacquering the wood.

The need for re-lacquering depends on the humidity in the room. You can use any type of water-based lacquer – but please make sure it is applied evenly.

Grease the center hinges to ensure a smooth rotation of the window. Clean around the gutters on the window to ensure a free flow of rainwater around the window.

Maintenance – Blinds

The blinds do not need regular maintenance. All you need to do is to clean the blinds with a damp cloth when you see a need.

Maintenance – Roller shutter

We recommend that you periodically clean the gutter and the area around the roller.
You do not need regular service for your roller shutter to keep it working. Just use common sense and it will last you for many years.

Maintenance – Electrical opener

You can clean the motor with a damp cloth using normal detergents.
There is not much maintenance needed for your electrical opener. We only recommend that you grease the chain once a year to increase durability and keep the chain running smoothly.

Register your window

The Next 20 Guarantee system gives you a simple choice between 10-year legal guarantee and an extensive, unrivaled, free of charge 20-year product guarantee which we offer to our registered clients. Only clicks away!

There are no hidden costs or conditions. All you need to do to make the most of the transferable home owner-to-home owner 20-year guarantee, increasing your home value and gaining an extra 10 years peace of mind, is to register online!

Please register your warranty here and get the guarantee!

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