How to open skylight windows

This is primarily a guide on how to open skylight windows from Dakea. If you’re looking for information on how to open Velux or similar roof windows, it’s a very similar process, so you’ll likely be able to follow these instructions. You can also use these instructions to open a Dakea roof window.

How to open a skylight window with a pole

Are you a proud owner of a Dakea roof window? Why not look at getting yourself a telescopic opener rod to assist in opening your roof window.

1. Pinpoint where your skylight latch or fastener is.

It’s typically much easier to locate the latch or fastener before you’ve begun handling the pole. We would recommend standing on your secure surface and locating the latch before attempting to open your skylight window.

Dakea roof windows have the opening mechanism at the bottom of the window and skylights on the side.

2. Find a small ladder or stool and securely place it below your skylight.

The use of a small ladder or stool isn’t necessary, but can be useful when opening skylights that might be slightly too tall to reach on your own.

3. Using the pole, gently unlatch the skylight.

After finding your latch or fastener, gently unlock your skylight with the pole by slotting the pole’s loop around the opening mechanism and lifting/pulling to unlock. This should be a fairly effortless task, so if additional force is required, your skylight may have an issue. Have a specialist look at whether it needs repairing or replacing.

4. Apply a small amount of force to the skylight and open it.

Now that your skylight has been unlocked, you can now use your pole to gently push the skylight open and let that cool breeze in!

5. Latch your skylight window after opening.

After opening your skylight window to your chosen width, gently latch your window to minimise the chance of it closing again.

How to manually open a skylight window

To manually open a skylight window, first, ensure you can reach it safely! You can then use the opening mechanism to create an airflow through your home.

1. Locate your skylight’s handle.

If you’re opening a Dakea skylight window, the handle will be located on one of the sides of your window, or the bottom of your roof window, but other brands may place there’s somewhere else.

2. Unlatch the skylight handle.

Gently move the handle off of the secure latch and then straighten it.

3. Open the skylight window.

Apply a small amount of pressure to the straightened handle, opening the skylight.

4. Secure the skylight open.

After you have opened your skylight to your preferred breadth, you can then secure your skylight by slotting your handle into the convenient holes along the window.

If you’re opening a roof or skylight window that isn’t Dakea, the opening mechanism might differ slightly. Many have a long bar that rotates forwards to unlock the window. On older windows, this might be a little stiff, but a sharp pull/twist movement should be enough to unlock the mechanism, allowing the roof window or skylight to pivot open.

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