A roof window opener pole, the Telescopic Opener Rod can be used to open and close roof windows or skylights, ventilation valves and roof window blinds. It gives you control over your roof window without straining, reaching or standing on chairs!

It’s compatible with all Dakea roof windows as well as Velux bottom operated windows.

  • The telescopic opener rod can be used for all Dakea roof windows.
  • The opener rod makes it possible to open / close the window or the ventilation valve and operate a blackout blind or venetian blind when the window is out of reach.
  • With the telescopic feature, it can be extended from 100cm up to 180cm.


How to use a roof window opener pole

  1. Extend the telescopic pole so it’s the correct length to reach your window
  2. Use the looped end to either press into the blind grip or loop around the window opening mechanism
  3. You can then pull or push using the pole to open or close the window or blind
  4. Simply unhook the loop or pull away from the blind grip once you’re done

Please note, while the roof window opener is compatible with Velux bottom operated windows, it is not compatible with GGL and GGU Velux roof windows.

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