Discover Dakea’s quality skylight windows for ventilation, compatible with all common roofing materials. Skylight windows are great options for letting in light and allowing ventilation through unoccupied areas of the home such as garages or storage lofts. Our ventilation skylights are high-quality, with a transferable 5-year guarantee.
Control skylight Dakea Control skylight

Control/Control +

This all-in-one skylight (with preinstalled flashing) ensures safety usage thanks to the new opening restrictor. Dakea CONTROL + is equipped with a pre-installed foil.


Side-hung roof exit window


The Dakea Control/Control+ loft skylights are installed in a pitch of between 15 and 60 degrees, with an opening restrictor and pre-installed underfelt foil (Control+). This all-in-one ventilation skylight (with preinstalled flashing) ensures safety and security. View the Control/Control+ skylights.

Why are loft Skylights important?

Skylights are beneficial as they let light and ventilation into the home. Dakea’s skylight windows can open to let in fresh air so unoccupied areas of the house are well ventilated. In turn, this helps to prevent condensation and damp. Our skylights are designed to help with light and ventilation so are perfect for garages, sheds and loft spaces used for storage. They aren’t appropriate for occupied areas of the home as they don’t provide high quality insulation. If you’re looking for a window for an occupied space with effective insulative qualities, explore our range of roof windows

Weather and UV ray resistant

Dakea roof skylights are resistant to any weather conditions and UV rays, protecting your customer’s loft from rain, snow and sun year round. A Dakea skylight is an investment in long term protection from the outside elements.

Skylights in high demand

Skylights are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners, since cosmetic changes like these add equity to the home, upping resale value and giving even unoccupied rooms an attractive, natural light atmosphere. Customers love skylights as they bring the outside indoors, opening up the space. All Dakea skylights offer a range of exceptional qualities that homeowners value.


All Dakea Control skylights are suitable for the most common profiled roofing materials, such as tiles and slates, of up to 90 mm profile height. Install Dakea skylights into a range of roofs.

Quality of our products

Our goal is to make high quality roof windows more affordable.

We provide quality products made with professionals in mind. We exceed their expectations by providing great value at a better price.

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