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Four Dakea Ultima™ roof windows and Dakea blackout blinds have been installed as part of a loft conversion in the home of Andy Moores, Contracts Manager at Kavanagh Roofing Ltd. in Shaftsbury. Self-installed, Andy selected the Ultima™ range windows for their high-quality, cost efficiency and ease of installation.

When converting the loft of his property in Shaftesbury, Andy was looking for four roof windows in a pine finish to match the aesthetic of the previous windows installed on the property. Having worked for Kavanagh Roofing a roofing contractor and stockist of Dakea products - for over 30 years, Andy has recommended and installed hundreds of Dakea roof windows and was quick to use the brand for his own property.

Dakea Ultima™ roof windows and Dakea blackout blinds

Andy selected four Dakea Ultima™ roof windows in the classic wooden finish across two different sizes for his three new loft rooms and ordered the windows through Kavanagh Roofing. Andy commented “Aesthetically, the windows look great inside and out. They allow in a lot of light to brighten and complete the three rooms. An excellent product for a very competitive price.”

The Dakea Ultima™ roof window is a central axis, double-glazing solution that provides exceptional energy efficiency through the use of two low-emission coatings and a krypton filling to achieve an impressively low U-value of just 1.2 W/m2K. In addition, the roof window includes an innovative noise reduction system, UV protection and an external self-cleaning coating. For ultimate peace of mind, the window is also backed by an excellent 20-year guarantee.

Dakea Ultima™ roof windows and Dakea blackout blinds

To complete his conversion, Andy selected Dakea’s blackout blinds in 4249 Black for the four windows. Dakea blackout blinds are available in a range of colour options with high quality, rubber coated, easy clean fabric and almost 100% blackout effect. By adding a Dakea blackout blind, the U-value of the roof window is also increased by up to 0.2 W/m2K.

Andy installed all of the roof windows and blinds himself, commenting “At Kavanagh we have been installing Dakea windows for quite some time so I knew that they would not be any trouble to fit. The installation was easy and likewise the blinds took less than five minutes to put up and are very good at blocking out light from the three rooms.”

Dakea Ultima™ roof windows in the classic wooden finish

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