Control/Control +


Control/Control +


The Control and Control+ skylights are ideal for unoccupied rooms like garages and lofts used for storage. Your customers will have ultimate control over light and ventilation, reducing the risk of dampness and helping to control air flow.


  • The Control / Control+ is a skylight with an opening restrictor
  • The opening restrictor not only prevents the window swinging open, but also prevents it accidently closing or slamming
  • The Control+ is equipped with a pre-installed underfelt foil
  • This is an all-in-one skylight with preinstalled flashing
  • Opens with a “side-opening” position
  • Suitable for tiles and slates: The skylight is delivered with an integrated foam gasket, which ensures a perfect connection to tile roofs. You can easily remove or trim the foam gasket and fit the skylight perfectly onto slates too
  • All Dakea Control skylights are suitable for most common profiled roofing materials up to 90mm profile height (e.g. tiles) and slates
  • Installed in a pitch of between 15 and 60 degrees
  • Sizes 4555, 4573 and 6565 (new size) are made for roof pitches between 15 and 60 degrees while 8585 is ideal for roof pitches between 15 and 45 degrees
  • Dakea Control has a 5-year guarantee


Opening restrictor to fix the sash in open position
Integrated flashing with apron
Tile support foam
For roof pitch of range of 15-60° (15-45° for KFE8585)
Suitable for all common roofing up to 90 mm in height
Weather and UV ray resistant
Kiln-dried pine wood
Fungicide protection
14mm double pane (3-8-3)
Steel handle with two ventilation positions
5 year guarantee
Can be changed from right-hung to left-hung

Ultima Energy

Ultima Energy PVC

Dakea Ultima White cross-section of window Ultima Dakea


Dakea Better Safe White Better View cross-section of white roof window

Better Safe

Better Safe PVC cross-section of roof window

Better Safe PVC

Better View cross-section of roof window copy

Better View

Better Vintage roof window interior design Better vintage cross-section of roof window

Better Vintage (discontinued)

Good cross-section of roof window copy


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Control/Control +


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