Solar operated roller shutter SSR designed to fit perfectly with all size of your Dakea roof windows. It protects against heat in summer and cold in winter time. When it’s closed it provides extra sound reduction and security.
  • Factory-paired wall switch.
  • Compatibility with the io-homecontrol® system.
  • Less heat and more shade in your room.
  • Possibility to open window with shutter shut (having fresh air with keeping the shadow).
  • Easy installation from inside of the room
  • 100% privacy, burglary protection
  • Innovative and high quality product
  • Noise reduction and more comfort
  • Eco-friendly product operating with solar energy use
  • Fully charged battery is able to manage 100 open and close cycles
  • Up to extra 16% thermal insulation (depending on the pane)


  • In public and domestic buildings
  • In roof pitch range of 15-90°
  • Designed to perfectly fit to Dakea windows regardless the roofing material


The most effective solution against solar heat
Excludes light completely
Protects against burglary
Gives you 100% privacy
Ready-to-use solution, no additional work is needed
IO-homecontrol® compatible
Fully charged battery is able to manage 100 open and close cycles


Coated aluminium
Double insulated aluminum slats for increased insulation and noise cancellation


Electrical operation 24V 4-step tubular motor
Factory paired wall switch is able to operate up to 200 shutters simultaneously
Solar shutter is not compatible with high-pivot windows (KHV,MOE,MOEVX,KAI, KAN)
Size | cm price (without VAT) price (inc. vat)
C2A (55x78) 499.00 GBP 598.80 GBP
C4A (55x98) 535.00 GBP 642.00 GBP
C6A (55x118) 550.00 GBP 660.00 GBP
F4A (66x98) 550.00 GBP 660.00 GBP
F6A (66x118) 575.00 GBP 690.00 GBP
M4A (78x98) 565.00 GBP 678.00 GBP
M6A (78x118) 595.00 GBP 714.00 GBP
M8A (78x140) 630.00 GBP 756.00 GBP
M10A (78x160) 660.00 GBP 792.00 GBP
P6A (94x118) 645.00 GBP 774.00 GBP
P8A (94x140) 680.00 GBP 816.00 GBP
S6A (114x118) 695.00 GBP 834.00 GBP
S8A (114x140) 745.00 GBP 894.00 GBP
U4A (134x98) 685.00 GBP 822.00 GBP
U8A (134x140) 800.00 GBP 960.00 GBP
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