A Guide to Selecting High-Performance Roof Windows for New Builds

Are you looking to turn your new build home into a modern, minimalist haven with sleek lines and expansive views? Or maybe a cosy, traditional space with plenty of sunlight? No matter your vision for your new build, incorporating high-performance roof windows is a great way to transform your home.

But with a variety of different roof windows available to homeowners, choosing the right style can feel overwhelming.

From sleek, modern designs to classic pitched roof windows, at Dakea we have an extensive range to help you transform your new build home. Not only do our roof windows come in a range of styles, but we also combine aesthetics with high performance technology to create windows that are thermally efficient, durable and secure.

Choosing the right materials: Wood or PVC?

When choosing roof windows for your new build home, it’s important to first choose between wood and PVC.

Both have benefits; wood offers timeless beauty, natural insulation, and eco-friendliness, but demands more regular maintenance compared to PVC.

PVC windows are low-maintenance, weatherproof, and durable, but may lack the aesthetic warmth of wood. Ultimately, the ideal window material depends on your priorities.

At Dakea, we offer both wooden and PVC windows in a variety of styles. If you aren’t sure which is right for you, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help you decide on the best roof window material.

What style of roof window is right for me?

When choosing the best style of roof window for your new build home, there are a few designs you can choose from. At Dakea, we offer wide range of both flat and pitched roof windows in timber and PVC.

Make the most of your view: Vision Energy

If your new build home offers the potential for stunning views, a roof window that maximises that view and allows plenty of natural light is a great option.

Vision Energy is a non-opening pitched roof window which is designed to be paired with an openable pitched roof window. This stylish combination allows you to maximise the view from your new build home, while still prioritising performance with toughened outer glass, and heat-reflecting glass coatings.  Our Better View windows are also a great choice for maximising your view, as this high pivot window is designed to allow plenty of light and fresh air to flood your living space.

Contemporary style & practicality: Azure Electric

For those who want to blend practicality with aesthetics, electric roof windows are a great option. Azure Electric is an openable flat roof window that allows for natural ventilation as it can be opened and closed via an electric motor. This style also has a rain sensor and automatically closes in bad weather! Not only does this window offer contemporary sophistication in style, but it’s low-maintenance, practical design makes it perfect for installation in hard-to-reach areas.

Traditional charm: Conservation

Crafted from beautiful pine, our Conservation roof window is available in natural or white-painted finishes. This affordable window is the perfect way to add a traditional yet simple style to your new build property.

Dakea: combining style with thermal performance

At Dakea, our windows don’t just look good – they come with the added benefit of exceptional performance as well.

Thermal performance is vital in your newbuild home to ensure that excess moisture in the air is kept to a minimum and unnecessary heat loss is prevented. This is especially crucial during the ‘drying out’ phase after new build properties are completed.

Our windows are crafted with this in mind; our highest performing window, Ultima Energy, features triple glazing and offers U-values of just 0.99 W/M2 K. Even our more budget-friendly styles (such as our Good PVC double glazed unit) are crafted with low-E coatings and argon-gas filled cavities for energy efficiency.

High quality roof windows from Dakea

Whether you envision a classic wooden window that complements your traditional design or a sleek, low-maintenance PVC option, at Dakea we offer a comprehensive range of high-performance roof windows (along with multi-fit blinds and shutters to suit your style and budget. Explore our diverse product selection online to discover the perfect window for your new build, or get in touch with our friendly team. Our experts are happy to answer any questions and guide you towards the ideal solution to transform your new build home.


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