FRE B600 Ug horizontal 1.3 W/m2 K


FRE B600 Ug horizontal 1.3 W/m2 K

The Azure Electric is a openable flat roof window that includes a rain sensor so it automatically closes in bad weather.

  • APPLICABLE: in public or residential buildings, in heated, inhabited rooms, in a roof pitch range of 5°-15°
  • The electrically-vented rooflight has a rain sensor which closes the unattended window automatically in case of rain.
  • The motor of the electrically-vented rooflight is hidden in the frame of the base unit providing an aesthetic appearance to the product. Maximum opening of the sash is 20 cm.
  • The base is maintenance free and easy-to-clean thanks to the PVC. The outer glass surface has a special coating for easy cleaning.
  • The PVC base unit is designed to improve energy savings and noise reduction to the maximum. The special construction of the fixed base unit consist of a multilayer glazing and combined with the insulated PVC base, it ensures efficient noise reduction of both impact noise and environmental noise.
  • The internal glass is laminated to ensure safety in case of accidental glass breakage.
  • Easy installation, fixing screws and brackets are included
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Also view our fixed version.


How to select a flat roof window:

1. Please check the hole dimension in your slab and select the fitting window size


Please always consider that the motor is to be place to the lowest part of the flat roof window.

Product size code A[cm] B[cm]
Place of the motor
0606 60 60
0609 60 90
0808 80 80
0909 90 90
0912 90 120
1010 100 100
1015 100 150
1212 120 120

2. How to design your flat roof window construction?

   Please check the local snow barrier regulation when you are planning the roof. The top of your roof construction mustn’t be higher than the bottom of the flat roof window.

If you are willing to have a well-insulated and easy-to-mount system we are offering extension pieces for your needs. Please consider the flat roof window can be lifted with maximum 60 cm.

If the flat roof window with flat top unit is installed below 5 degree, there is an increased risk of water, dirt and debris standing on the glass, which in some cases can cause slight discoloration of the glass over time.

3. If you are willing to fix the roofing foil properly, the FAF foil fixing kit brings a perfect solution.

4. If there’s an overwarming risk in your room, the FSA internal solar blind with special aluminum layer in the honey comb cloth blocks up to an extra 51% solar heat.

The internal blind is operated with a wall switch, and also possible to connect to IO-home control system.


Construction 4H-(32)-4-14,5-33.2
24 mm insulated glazing unit
Low-E coating
Gas Argon
Toughened external glass
Ug-horizontal ( W/m2K ) 1.30
Total solar energy transmittance: g 0.54
Light transmittance: τv 0.72


Urc,ref300: ( W/m2K ) 0.87
Arc,ref300: (m2) 3.4
Watertightness Class 9A
Air permeability Class 3
Resistance to wind load Class C3
Sound reduction 31 (-1,-2) dB
Reaction to fire class B-s1, d0
Impact resistance class 3


Interior: PVC (white) RAL 9016
Exterior: Grey aluminium RAL 7043


Size | cm price (without VAT) price (inc. vat)
0606 (60x60) FRE B600 (Electrically openable) 875 GBP 1050 GBP
0609 (60x90) FRE B600 (Electrically openable) 895 GBP 1074 GBP
0808 (80x80) FRE B600 (Electrically openable) 915 GBP 1098 GBP
0909 (90x90) FRE B600 (Electrically openable) 980 GBP 1176 GBP
0912 (90x120) FRE B600 (Electrically openable) 1050 GBP 1260 GBP
1010 (100x100) FRE B600 (Electrically openable) 1020 GBP 1224 GBP
1015 (100x150) FRE B600 (Electrically openable) 1210 GBP 1452 GBP
1212 (120x120) FRE B600 (Electrically openable) 1180 GBP 1416 GBP

Please contact our friendly customer support team for current lead times.
The estimated delivery time will be confirmed at the time of placing the order.

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