Transforming New Builds: Integrating Roof Windows

For builders and architects, creating homes that stand out in the UK market means embracing innovation and ...

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Why The Need For A Fire Escape Window?

Whilst the number of house fires per year has fallen over the last 10 years, they are still all too common.... read more


Why You Should Convert Your Loft to An Office

Converting a loft to an office is a fantastic way to make a massive difference to your home and working l... read more

Homeowner A roofer in a high vis jacket installing roof window flashing

Do You Need Planning Permission for Garage Conversions?

In most circumstances, you will be able to convert your garage without getting planning permission from you... read more


Is a Kitchen Roof Window a Good Investment?

Adding a roof window to your home’s kitchen can make a world of difference to light levels and warmth in th... read more


Men’s Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Construction Industry: What You Can Do

It’s very common for mental health to be an unspoken issue in the construction industry. As industries go, ... read more


How to Start a Roofing Company: Key Steps to Take

If you’re a skilled roofer, starting your own business could be a great way to make more money, be your own... read more

Professionals Terrace openable flat roof windows

Flat Roof Design Considerations For Extensions

When it comes to expanding your house, options like a flat roof extension are a popular choice because of t... read more


The Key Features of Passive House Design

With the ever-increasing energy tariff prices, keeping your home warm and comfortable can become very costl... read more


How To Improve Air Quality In The Home

What is deemed as “good” air quality can be different from person to person. In some cases, simple indicato... read more

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