UV Glazing and Thermal Efficiency Options available at Dakea

Summer in the UK brings with it warmer and sunnier weather  – sometimes! – which leads to a demand for cooler and more comfortable homes. If you’re an installer or builder currently working on a new build or a refurbishment project, you’ll know that your clients are looking for UV protection and thermal efficiency that works year-round.

Here at Dakea, we understand that the customer is king, and that they want the best value for money that will translate into reduced energy bills. This is why we have a wide range of UV glazing and thermal efficiency options, perfectly suited to address the specific demands of summer. In this article we will explore features, benefits and considerations to equip you with the knowledge to confidently recommend the best Dakea roof window for each project.

Dakea’s UV Glazing Options: Protecting Interiors and Occupants

Sunlight brings warmth, but excessive UV rays can be damaging. They help to fade furniture, carpets and other fabrics, and prolonged exposure can pose health risks. Dakea offers a variety of glazing options to address these concerns:

  • Standard Glazing: All Dakea roof windows come with two layers of low-E coating that reflect light, offering more than 80 per cent UV protection. Examples of these include our Good and Good PVC range.
  • Laminated Glass: For enhanced UV protection and improved security, consider laminated glass. This features a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) sandwiched between two glass panes. The PVB prevents shattering and blocks 95 per cent of harmful UV rays, safeguarding interiors and occupants. This applies to our Better Safe and Better Safe PVC options. Both these have double low emission coating that reflects heat back into the room.
  • Triple Glazing: When ultimate thermal and UV protection is a priority, Dakea’s triple glazing is the answer. This option features three panes of glass with two krypton-filled cavities, offering exceptional insulation. There is also an additional sun protective layer that helps further UV protection. These features can be found in our Ultima Energy and Ultima Energy PVC ranges.


Choosing the Right UV Glazing:

The ideal UV glazing option depends on several factors:

  • Climate: For regions with intense sunshine, laminated or triple glazing offers superior protection.
  • Application: Consider UV protection needs for specific rooms. Laminated glass is ideal for living areas and bedrooms, while triple glazing might be preferred for sunrooms or art studios.
  • Budget: Standard glazing offers a cost-effective option, while laminated and triple glazing provide additional benefits at a slightly higher price point.

We must also mention our extensive range of blinds, screens and shutters, all of which are a great addition to renovations or new builds, protecting rooms from the sun, and providing light control.


Thermal Efficiency Solutions: Beat the Summer Heat



Windows can be a weak point in a building’s thermal insulation – but not with Dakea. Our Energy range in particular, such as Better Energy and Vision Energy, are designed to maximise insulation efficiency, reducing heat loss through the building’s windows. When summer temperatures rise, keeping interiors cool becomes paramount. Dakea tackles this challenge with a range of thermal efficiency features:

  • Low-emissivity (Low-E) Coating: This invisible layer on the glass reflects heat radiation back outwards in summer, reducing solar heat gain and minimising reliance on air conditioning.
  • Gas Filling: Dakea’s double and triple glazed units are filled with either argon gas (double glazed) or krypton (Ultima range only). Both are superior insulators compared to air, further improving thermal performance.
  • U-value: This metric indicates a window’s heat transfer rate. Lower U-values represent better thermal insulation. Dakea offers roof windows with U-values as low as 0.99 W/m²K, exceeding current building regulations.

Choosing the Right Thermal Efficiency Features:

When selecting roof windows for summer performance, consider the following:

  • Climate: In hot summers, prioritize low-E coating and argon gas filling.
  • Building Regulations: Ensure chosen roof windows meet or exceed current thermal performance requirements.
  • Energy Efficiency Goals: For projects targeting high energy efficiency standards, opt for triple glazing with the lowest possible U-value.


Ventilation Options

Dakea roof windows offer ventilation options for summer comfort:

A bedroom with a pair of roof windows on the wall behind the bed

  • Our Better Energy range, like all our windows, has built-in ventilation valves. These valves allow for continuous natural air flow without having to leave windows open, which is useful at particularly cold and hot times of the year. They also give the additional benefit of increased ventilation for high-humidity rooms at night, when you might not want to leave a window open.
  • Electrically Operated Roof Windows: For ultimate convenience, Dakea offers  roof windows with  retrofit opening motor option and remote control functionality. This allows for easy ventilation control from a distance, perfect for hard-to-reach installations.

Choosing the Right Ventilation Option:

The ideal ventilation option depends on the specific needs of the project:

  • Room Size: Consider the room’s size and ventilation needs. Larger rooms might benefit from a wider opening window or continuous ventilation flaps.
  • Window Position: Consider the position of the window and the direction of prevailing winds across. It.


Thermal efficiency and protection from harmful UV rays are important consideration for any project involving roof windows. At Dakea, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, affordable roof windows that create stunning, quiet, energy-efficient and safe rooms in any home. Our roof windows are manufactured to the highest standards and backed by a 20-year guarantee which gives our partners peace of mind. We are also proud to build long-lasting working partnerships we build with professional homebuilders, roof window installers and merchants. For more information contact us here or give us a call on 020 3970 5080.


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