Expert Support and Competitive Quotes: Exploring Roof Window Prices

Roof windows, increasingly popular in both newbuild homes and renovation projects, can vary in price depending on material, style and size. Generally, they range between £400-£800, but the exact price depends on a variety of factors.

As experts in roof window systems, at Dakea we are well placed to demystify the roof window process and help you decide on the right roof windows to suit your budget.

The power of natural light: why roof windows?

Natural light is a game-changer for any space. It brightens up living spaces and creates a feeling of spaciousness in interiors. Perfect for loft conversions or extensions, roof windows are also extremely versatile and great at bringing natural light and fresh air to spaces underneath roofs. High-performance roof windows (like the ones we offer at Dakea!) are also crafted to be thermally efficient, reducing heat costs and helping to keep rooms at comfortable temperatures.

How much is a roof window?

Once you’ve decided that roof windows are right for your home, the next question you’ll have is about roof window prices! There are a few factors which influence the exact cost of your roof window, and we’ll dive into them below.

What factors influence roof window prices?

Several factors will influence roof window prices, one of which is window frame material. At Dakea, we offer roof windows made from timber or uPVC. Generally, uPVC is one of the most affordable materials for roof windows, so windows like our Better Energy PVC are more budget-friendly than higher-end systems (such as our Ultima Energy).

As well as material, glazing options and the size of your roof window will also impact prices, with larger windows coming with a higher price tag. Roof windows with electric opening systems will also be more expensive than manual opening systems – but they are a lot more convenient. Some flat roof windows, like our come with electric opening systems as well as a rain sensor to close the window in the event of bad weather!

How much does it cost to fit a roof window?

The installation cost of a roof window can vary depending on several factors, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Aside from the cost of the roof window itself, which can range from around £400-£800, installation costs can cost a few hundred pounds, depending on the size and number of the windows being installed.

Steeper roofs or those with complex structures might necessitate additional scaffolding or safety measures, increasing installation costs compared to flat or low-pitch roof windows.

To get an accurate idea of how much installation of a roof window will cost, you’ll need to get a free quote from an installer.

Do roof windows add value to homes?

Roof windows can boost your home’s value. They bring in ventilation and increase levels of natural daylight, making rooms feel bigger and more inviting. This can transform dark spaces into usable areas, adding valuable square footage.

Additionally, the energy efficiency of modern roof windows showcases potential savings for buyers. However, remember that quality and installation matter – opt for reputable brands and professional installation to avoid drawbacks.

Perhaps most importantly, Dakea roof windows boast the longest guarantee on the market – a full 20 years! Once registered with Dakea on our guarantee page, this transferable warranty covers you for defects in the product’s wood or glass, while also assuring potential buyers of lasting quality and increasing your property’s appeal.

Dakea: presenting roof windows to suit every budget

At Dakea, we know that budgets will vary, and we’re committed to providing high-quality options to suit every taste and budget.

Looking for top-notch performance? Our Ultima Energy and Ultima Energy PVC are our highest-performing windows, with triple glazing designed to offer exceptional thermal efficiency.

Our Better Safe PVC is a perfect mid-range option, combining durability and security with affordability. Our Good PVC window delivers Dakea quality at a budget-friendly price. Whatever your budget, we have the perfect window to suit your needs.

Find the perfect fit at Dakea: get in touch

If you’d like help finding the right roof window at the right price for you, please get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to chat with you about your options and provide you with expert advice. Contact us today to find out more or explore our wide range of products online.

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