Attic Bedroom Ideas

When decorating your attic bedroom, you’ll want to show off its main features whilst having a functional room that you can work, sleep or relax in. Attics and lofts are great for creating extra space in your house and they’re extremely versatile rooms. If you’re looking to create an attic bedroom, we’ve got loads of inspiration and tips to get you going! View some of our attic bedroom ideas.

Take advantage of every nook and cranny

Have a corner of your attic or nook that looks particularly cosy? Use this feature to create a reading corner to relax in. These can be decorated with pillows, bean bag chairs, throws and lights to create a cosy, atmospheric corner of your home. This hardly takes up any space, leaving the rest of the room for functionality.


You may also want to slim down your furniture slightly. Attics and lofts are sometimes snug and have less space due to lower, slanting ceilings. Opt for smaller furniture that will fit nicely with the space.

Attic corner idea

Choose a roof window

Roof windows help to draw in natural light and make attic bedrooms much more inviting and open spaces. This is a great way to make your loft bedroom usable in the day as well as night. Roof windows are a great accessory to have in an attic and look incredibly unique. They also let in a lot of light, which is great for your body clock.


Attic windows are different to regular windows as they are usually at an angle or on the ceiling. This means the light coming through gets distributed differently across the room. You can use this to your advantage and experiment with light to create a unique look in your attic. Browse our range of roof windows here and find your local Dakea supplier.


Want to maximise natural light in your attic room? Read our benefits of natural light article.

Bright attic bedroom

Paint it white

When it comes to attic bedrooms, you can sometimes be pushed for space. Therefore, to give the illusion of more room and to maximise light, paint your loft a shade of white or other light colour. Painting it white gives the room a new lease of life and a fresh, clean, contemporary look.

White is easy to stylize and goes with most furniture and décor. This will give you a blank canvas to work with, making it a good jumping off point.


Children's attic bedroom

Opt for blinds

Because a roof window brings in natural light, at certain hours of the day it can be too bright. It is therefore a good idea to invest in some blinds. With many loft conversions, curtains aren’t an option with slanted or roof windows! You can always add texture into the room through cushions, throws and cosy bedding. Blinds ensure that you have a good amount of light without being dazzled. You can find our wide range of Dakea’s blinds for roof windows here.


Blinds also help to reduce heat loss. In fact, modern roller blinds stop 21% of the heat escaping from a room. So, bearing in mind the cost of winter heating bills, blinds are a must for the home, especially in the attic where heat often exists the home. Explore Dakea’s roller blinds or, if you want to regulate heat in the summer, our anti-heat blinds are also a good option.

Attic bedroom with blinds

Try some new designs

An attic bedroom is a great opportunity to experiment with different designs from those you might try in other rooms of the home. You could try exposing some of the original features, such as a brick wall or wooden beams. A beachy, shabby chic style often goes well in attic bedrooms. Why not try adding some distressed, vintage furniture, or hanging some plants around the bedroom to complete the overall look.


If you don’t have any original features, you can create your own! Brick and wood-effect wallpapers are a great way to spice up a space, giving it an oldy-worldy feel. You could even get creative and paint your own details on the walls.

Attic bedroom with beams

Make it a room where you can multitask

Although attic bedrooms are great, the space can also be used for other purposes. For example, if it is a guest bedroom, why not put in a bed that folds out or away. You can then use the space as an office, relaxation or exercise room the rest of the time.

If you lack room, you can fit a desk to the wall that can fold out as well. Look for any nooks that could be used as storage whilst also conserving space at the same time. A corner of your attic where you aren’t able to stand, for example, could make the perfect space to store clothing, blankets or other belongings.

Ready to renovate your attic bedroom? Find a Dakea window supplier to bring light into the space or make your attic nice and toasty with our attic insulation guide.

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