Benefits of Natural Light in the Home

Natural light has a whole host of benefits when it comes to mental wellbeing, health and improving sleep. Therefore it is a good idea to maximise natural light in the home either as a homeowner or a homebuilder. During winter and dark evenings, it is especially important to get natural light in the home, as it boosts vitamin D in the body, preventing illnesses and keeping your mind healthy.

With Dakea, it is easy to get a lot of natural light in the house thanks to our roof windows and skylights. Discover more about the benefits of natural light, as well as how to improve natural light in your house or project.

Why is natural light important?

Natural light has a host of health benefits, promoting mental well being and a good circadian rhythm:

  1. When exposed to sunlight, our skin absorbs vitamin D, which is a critical nutrient that prevents diseases, as well as keeping us happy. If you are working from home or at home during the day, it is so important to choose windows that allow for maximum exposure to natural light. This could be by opting for some bigger windows, or even moving where you work to a more well lit environment.
  2. Natural light improves sleep, according to a study which examined the impact of daylight exposure on the health of office workers and their sleep quality. The results showed that the more natural light exposure they received, the better sleep they experienced.
  3. The more time you spend around a natural light source, the less time you’ll likely spend around unnatural light, such as fluorescent bulbs. Unnatural light has shown to cause an elevated stress response.
  4. Natural light is known to reduce symptoms of SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, otherwise known as the ‘the winter blues.’

Currently, natural light has never been more important: with people spending most to all of their time indoors, increasing natural light in the house improves mental and physical health.


Choose the correct windows

When trying to get more natural daylight in your home or in a house build, you should opt for the right window, positioning in the optimal place that will receive the most sunlight.

Windows that let in a lot of sunlight are usually placed in the south, where there is strong light intensity. East-facing windows also benefit from the morning sun, promoting a healthy wake-up routine.

It is also important when choosing the right window, that you not only choose a window that lets in light, but also protects from UV rays. For example, the Dakea Ultima Energy range blocks 95% of harmful UV rays, whilst still letting the light in.

okna dachowe zgłoszenie pozwolenie

When it comes to choosing a window which lets in a lot of light, size is crucial. Bigger windows admit more daylight, but it is also worth considering smaller windows, as a better overall effect can be achieved when placed strategically.

For example, using one roof window would allow daylight to light approximately 46% of a room. However, using two roof windows with a combined total surface area of the previous window would allow daylight to illuminate approximately 48% of a room.

Four roof windows with the same combined total surface area distributed more evenly would allow daylight to illuminate approximately 65% of this room. One big window isn’t necessarily better than a group of smaller windows.

To increase light in your attic room, Dakea skylights are a really good option. With more natural light in the attic, you can convert it into a home office or relaxation space that promotes healthy mental wellbeing.

Slate flashing to protect from leaks
Corner plain tile flashing
tile flashing for interlocking flat tiles

Avoid curtains

In winter, what you don’t want to do is limit the light entering into your home. Curtains tend to carry a lot of weight and block sunlight getting through the windows, even if they are open.

Opt for blinds instead, keeping them raised throughout the day before pulling them shut at night. Need inspiration? Browse our range of comfort accessories at Dakea, including our wide range of blinds. Let in more natural light today.

blind being used to enhance natural light

Use mirrors

Light travels amazingly when it is allowed to reflect off surfaces. One of the best ways to utilise this is by placing mirrors in the space where you want more natural light. Sunlight from the window can reflect against mirrors, casting more brightness between four walls.

You can choose mirrors of any size, but to make sure you achieve the most reflection, aim the mirrors in the path of the sun’s rays. You can even use metallic objects to achieve a similar effect.


Choose colours that naturally help to reflect and carry natural light further. These colours include different shades of white, as well as light coloured pastels.

The floor may also make a room feel darker, so opt for a light coloured carpet or rug to brighten the room and reflect more light.

Natural light in an office room

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