FRF B600 Ug horizontal 1.3 W/m2 K


FRF B600 Ug horizontal 1.3 W/m2 K

The Azure Fixed is a fixed, flat roof window designed to be installed in a roof pitch between 5-15°.

  • APPLICABLE: In public or residential buildings, in a heated, inhabited room, in a roof pitch range of 5°-15°.
  • The base is designed so it broadens towards the interior and provides more light in the room.
  • External toughened glass for protection against hail damage.
  • The PVC base is maintenance free and easy-to-clean thanks to the PVC. The outer glass surface has a special coating for easy cleaning.
  • The durable PVC and glass surfaces of the base-unit make the roof window also suitable for spaces with increased humidity, like kitchens or bathrooms.
  • The internal glass is laminated to ensure safety in case of accidental glass breakage.
  • The base unit can be extended in height by additional extension curbs (FRC and FRC.F) for special roofing systems where higher installation level is required.
  • The special construction of the fixed base unit consist of a multilayer glazing and combined with the insulated PVC base, it ensures efficient noise reduction of both impact noise and environmental noise.
  • Easy installation, fixing screws and brackets are included with a 10-year guarantee.
  • Check also our electrically openable flat roof window


Construction 4H-(32)-4-14,5-33.2
24 mm insulated glazing unit
Low-E coating
Gas Argon
Toughened external glass
Ug -horizontal ( W/m2 K ) 1.3
Total solar energy transmittance: g 0.54
Light transmittance: τv 0.72


Urc,ref300: ( W/m2 K ) 0.87
Arc,ref300: (m2 ) 3.4
Watertightness Class 9A
Air permeability Class 3
Resistance to wind load Class C3
Sound reduction 36 (-1,-4) dB
Reaction to fire class B-s1, d0
Impact resistance class 3


Interior: PVC (white) RAL 9016
Exterior: Grey aluminium RAL 7043


Size | cm price (without VAT) price (inc. vat)
0606 (60x60) FRF B600 (Fixed) 369 GBP 442.8 GBP
0609 (60x90) FRF B600 (Fixed) 397 GBP 476.4 GBP
0808 (80x80) FRF B600 (Fixed) 418 GBP 501.6 GBP
0909 (90x90) FRF B600 (Fixed) 480 GBP 576 GBP
0912 (90x120) FRF B600 (Fixed) 550 GBP 660 GBP
1010 (100x100) FRF B600 (Fixed) 520 GBP 624 GBP
1015 (100x150) FRF B600 (Fixed) 665 GBP 798 GBP
1212 (120x120) FRF B600 (Fixed) 635 GBP 762 GBP
0606 (60x60) Top unit FGT B200 (Flat glass) 341 GBP 409.2 GBP
0609 (60x90) FGT B200 (Flat glass) 365 GBP 438 GBP
0808 (80x80) FGT B200 (Flat glass) 384 GBP 460.8 GBP
0909 (90x90) FGT B200 (Flat glass) 442 GBP 530.4 GBP
0912 (90x120) FGT B200 (Flat glass) 510 GBP 612 GBP
1010 (100x100) FGT B200 (Flat glass) 479 GBP 574.8 GBP
1015 (100x150) FGT B200 (Flat glass) 640 GBP 768 GBP
1212 (120x120) FGT B200 (Flat glass) 635 GBP 762 GBP

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The estimated delivery time will be confirmed at the time of placing the order.

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