Roof Window Types

Dakea supply a variety of roof window types to roofers, architects, house builders and other traders. View the roof window options below or skip to explanations on each type of roof window.

Types of Roof Windows

View below our guide on the various types of roof windows.


Pitched roof windows are designed for roofs with a pitch (angle of roof slant) of 20°+. Pitched roof windows are always, at least in part, openable. This is important both for comfort and safety.

Fixed pitched

Fixed pitched roof windows are a pitched (slanted) roof window that doesn’t open. They are always designed to be combined with an openable counterpart.

They’re good for maximising light and view from a room.



Flat roof windows are a type of roof window suited to flat roofs. Flat roofs are from 0-15°. They are ideal to bring natural light into rooms.


They are available as openable or fixed. Fixed tend most commonly to be used on flat roofs where potential intruders could reach and use the window as an entry point. Whereas openable flat roof windows are ideal for helping with ventilation. They’re good for rooms where condensation control is vital, such as kitchens or bathrooms.


If you’re concerned about security, view our secure roof windows.

a flat roof window with a blind



The pivot of a roof window describes which part of the window contains the hinges that enable it to open.



Centre pivots are where the roof window tilts from the centre. This is the most common type of roof window and describes all of Dakea’s roof windows.



Top-hung roof windows look the same as centre-pivot while the roof window is closed. The difference is that the hinges are on the top. They tend to be harder to clean than centre-pivot.

Two open roof windows


Conservation roof windows are a type of roof window designed to fit with typical buildings in conservation areas, meeting the requirements of local regulations and older buildings. They are designed to look as similar to older windows as possible while still bringing all the benefits of modern windows, such as triple panes. They often use natural materials and colours.


PVC roof windows are ideal for rooms at risk of condensation or with high levels of moisture in the air, for example bathrooms or kitchens. PVC provides additional protection against moisture to keep windows in top quality for a long period of time.

Wooden frame roof windows are popular for their natural appearance and cost. At Dakea, our windows are made from certified Arctic Nordic pine. This is a material highly valued for its durability.


Each type of roof window comes in a variety of sizes. For more information, read our roof window sizes guide.

Small roof windows are ideal for bringing natural light into a room where you have a limited budget, or where you want to limit the heat or light entering the room without necessarily requiring a roof window blind. Larger roof windows bring maximum amounts of light into a space.

Roof windows vs skylights


Many people use the terms ‘roof window’ and ‘skylight’ interchangeably. However, there is a key difference. Roof windows are designed to be used in occupied spaces where sunlight and insulation control is vital.


Skylights, on the other hand, bring natural light and ventilation into unoccupied spaces such as garages or lofts used for storage.


Roof window types vary to ensure everyone can find the ideal roof window for their specific requirements.

Control skylight

Dormer Windows

Dormer windows aren’t a variety of roof window as they are installed vertically in an extension that protrudes from the roof, called a dormer. They operate in the same way as standard windows.

Explore our range of roof windows, made for professionals.

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