Fixed Roof Windows

View our fixed roof windows for flat or pitched roofs. Dakea’s roof windows are designed for professional use. We focus on high-quality while maintaining affordability within our range, including in our fixed rooflights.


Most fixed roof windows are designed to be paired in a room with an openable window for fire safety and ventilation. Explore our windows and contact us for a quote. We also have a range of openable pitched roof windows.


Sloped fixed additional roof window. 3-pane roof window that expand your view and increase daylight.


Vertical fixed window. 3-pane window that expand your view and increase daylight.

Fixed flat roof window Fixed flat roof window DAKEA


Flat roof window designed so it broadens towards the interior and provides more light in the room.

Fixed Rooflights for UK Professionals

Our fixed rooflights enable professional builders, architects and installers to maximise light in a space while maintaining a contemporary look, ensuring customer satisfaction. The advantage of fixed roof windows - windows that can’t open - is maximising daylight in spaces of different designs.

We produce thermal efficient, energy-saving designs and ensure our fixed windows are easy to clean.

Made to work together

Fixed windows are designed to work with our openable roof windows to create a seamless and more open feel to a room. Pairing fixed and openable, helps to ensure good ventilation and heat control. Your clients can take advantage of the views around their properties and enjoy bright interiors.

We have fixed roof windows for a range of pitches including vertical, pitched and flat. It gives you complete design control.

These windows feature toughened outer glass, laminated internal glass, and an extra coating that reflects heat.


Can't choose between an openable or fixed roof window? Try our configurator.


Fixed 20 Year Guarantee

We are so confident in our Vision and Vertica Energy roof windows that we give a 20 year guarantee that can be transferred from homeowner to homeowner that adds value to a property and gives peace of mind. It is easy to activate using the Dakea Pro app or on our website.

75 Years Experience

Our windows are tested to perfection to ensure your customers’ safety  

We have over 75 years of experience in roof window manufacturing. Why is that important? Over the decades, we’ve listened to the feedback from professionals and created three different fixed roof windows that work for you. The Vision Energy and Vertica Energy windows are perfect for sloped roofs while the Horizon Fixed is a great fit for most flat roofs.

Altaterra Group - Roof windows Dakea

Where to buy?

Are you a roof installer? Find Dakea roof windows at your local stockist or distributors.


Dakea’s knowledge base is full of useful information about installation best practices, product compatibility, and any certificates and technical parameters of our roof windows.

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