What is Skylight Flashing?

Skylight flashings are designed to provide the weatherproofing junction between the roof window or skylight, and the roof covering material. They are manufactured in aluminium sections that protect your roof and skylight from taking in water, which would result in a leak.

Skylight flashing explained

Skylight flashing is a layer of protection that is fitted around the skylight. This can be regarded as the first line of defence against hazardous weather conditions such as rain or snow. Fitted below the roof’s slates, tiles or shingles, the flashing seamlessly connects the window or skylight into the roof, creating a bespoke, clean look.

The roof window or skylight flashing range here at Dakea boasts an advanced flashing system and can include noise absorbing material to window cover parts for maximum comfort when in the home. View all our flashing and installation accessories today.

How to install skylight flashing

Typically, the skylight flashing installation begins with ensuring the membrane detail or RUC underfelt collar is installed around the window frame. Carry on by installing a row of your roofing material (be that slates, tiles or shingles) to the battens or boarding below the window at the detail & distance specified in the instructions.

Bottom element

The bottom element that comes with your Dakea flashing kit is then placed at the bottom of the roof window or skylight and secured with the bottom frame cill cover and if specified clips and nails.

The drainage gutter supplied with the flashing should also be placed above the roof window/skylight in conjunction with the membrane or RUC underfelt collar. This ensures that the roof window is protected from water ingress above the frame, and water may drain out optimally.

Side Elements

You will then need to install the two side sections or soakers ensuring that the roofing material is as close to the roof window or skylight flashing as specified in the instructions. This will give the required protection to the flashing and skylight whilst also providing a neat finish to the look of the roof. Don’t forget to ensure the supplied window cover parts are all located and screwed into position.

Upper element

As you did with the bottom section, place your upper flashing section around the top of your roof window or skylight and secure it with the attached tabs and clips. Check that the edge of the flashing is also clipped all around as shown in the instructions. Then add a further layer of shingles or tiles to the top of your skylight so that it matches the three other sides. Double-check all distances/clearances between the roof covering and flashing are correct.

We have video guides on installing the different variations of roof window and skylight flashing such as slate flashing, universal flashing and more.

What makes skylight flashing watertight?

At Dakea, our skylight flashings are created with a lead-free aluminium base that ensures a tight overlap on numerous types of tiles and roofing materials, including shingles, tiles and slate. The construction is all factory folded and formed to minimise joints in the flashings. With the addition of our weather-resistant foam gasket on tile and universal flashings, both side connections will possess a water-tight finish from harsh weather conditions.

How much do skylight flashings cost?

According to Checkatrade, a typical repair job on a roof window or skylight can cost the individual around £300 to £850. This is dependent on the type of damage the skylight has, with a leak repair being the normal issue reported.

The average price of a Dakea skylight flashing kit is in the region of £80. If you’re a homeowner, we would suggest using a local roofing expert to fit your new flashing. It will ensure that you get the best out of your Dakea product.

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