5 Key Roof Window Features For Housebuilders

As a housebuilder, getting the best quality product for your customers is a must. It’s the same when it comes to roof windows. Knowing what key features to look for in your roof windows is important, not only for a great build, but for customer satisfaction. Read our blog to learn all the must have features for a roof window.

1. Air Tightness

Air tightness is potentially the most important factor for any roof window, as this makes sure there isn’t any air leakage or unwanted drafts. Leaks and drafts will draw cold air in from the outside and push out the heated air, making the room lose heat easily.


Air tightness in roof windows ensures airflow is controlled throughout the room, and makes sure there is no air leakage or unwanted drafts in a property. It also helps with noise reduction.


Browse our House Builders information page for more tips.

window frame diagram

2. Ventilation

Another key element for roof windows is that they provide good ventilation. You may think that you would need to avoid ventilation to keep heat in, but correct ventilation is essential for the regulation of humidity in the room.


Not only does good ventilation in roof windows prevent condensation, mould growth and damp, but the air is replaced with clean air, and odours and pollutants are removed.

Open window

3. Water Tightness

As well as air tightness, having a roof window that is water tight is vital. A watertight window prevents rain and leakages coming in through the roof.


The fact that the windows are completely sealed means total peace of mind even during the worst weather and storms. While you would expect your roof window to be watertight, you should also consider the flashing and ensure it’s appropriate for the installation.


We have loads of resources, such as guides on choosing the best flashing, available through Trade Matters. It’s designed to equip installers, house builders and other professionals with everything you need to deliver the best service.

installing roof window flashing

4. Quality Guarantee

You should also be searching for high quality when finding the right roof window for your customers. The Dakea 20 year guarantee is a great example of a long, quality guarantee.


We offer a range of other quality guarantees. For example, our wood certification ensures that all the wood used in our windows is rigorously selected, known for excellent density and increased durability. As well as this, our comfort glass keeps the house warm in the winter and prevents heat build-up in the summer.


Our 20 year guarantee means that customers get 20 years homeowner to homeowner transferable guarantee. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Ultima Window

5. Customer Support

It is important that you are supported when selecting and installing a roof window, so you, in turn, can best support your customers. Dakea offers amazing customer service. This includes online - such as our FAQs page, instructional videos and resources, and the Dakea Pro App - and through our customer service team.


Find out more about the support available for house builders and window installers including logistics, site services and aftercare.

Dakea Pro app

Bonus: Project Specific Features

When looking for the right roof window, there may be specific features that you need to do the job right. For example, a customer might be looking for a roof window that blocks outside noise or is particularly insulating.

At Dakea, we have a range of roof windows with special features for your customers’ needs. For example, our Ultima Energy Roof Window has noise blocking technology (a combination of various improvements in the roof window construction), which reduces noise from outside, as well as impact noise caused by rain. This means if you have a customer on a busy street, you can provide the ideal roof window.

As well as this, if you have a customer who requires a roof window for a high humidity room, such as a kitchen and bathroom, our Better Energy PVC Roof Window range is a must. This range works amazingly for high humidity rooms as it has a high resistance to moisture and dirt. Its two-chamber structure, filled with argon gas, also provides better insulation, which means less heat loss in winter and better heat protection in summer.

Article: Common roofing problems houses & builders face.

Whatever you’re looking for, we at Dakea have you covered. Browse our range of roof windows for more information.

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