Keeping Customers Happy as a Tradesperson

As in any profession, it is important to keep customers happy and satisfied as a tradesperson. Along with first class skills, it is useful to know how to treat your customers before, during and after the job to build up your reputation and increase custom. Read on to find some helpful tips on keeping customers happy, and improve your customer satisfaction.

If you want more tips, explore Dakea’s Trade Matters pages. We work to support installers, roofers and other traders in delivering the best service.


Professionalism is important in most jobs, but as a tradesperson it is crucial; it could be the difference between a customer asking for your services again, or going with a different trader in the future.

Be on time


Time is an important factor when it comes to providing a service for your customer and keeping them happy. They may be taking time away from work or postponing plans for you to do the work. Ensure not to be too early or late so it doesn’t affect their day. If something unexpected has arisen, be sure to give them a call so they know when to expect you.


Communicate your plans


Be meticulous with your work plans and discuss it with your client. Your customer should have prior knowledge of what you’re planning to do, including the time span of the job. Making your plan clear will help your client to relax and will reassure them that you’re doing a good job.

Calling a customer

Be clear on cost

A tradesperson should provide their client with a proper listing of expenses and a breakdown of costs. Being clear about payments means there won’t be problems once the job has been completed. Clarity with money makes for happy customers.

It’s recommended that you don’t ask for money up front, as many customers are suspicious of those who ask for full payment in advance. If you need money up-front or you request a deposit, be clear on what it’ll be used for.

Be positive, polite, and tidy

A smiling face is always welcomed on the job. Be polite to your customers (they’re paying for your time), and be positive about doing the work well for them. This will make for a happier working environment, and your client will be at ease.

As well as this, try to keep a tidy workspace and don’t leave the place in a mess. If you’re going to be working in someone’s home, be sure to treat it with respect. Your customer will appreciate this and be more likely to ask for your services again.

Don’t hide any damages

If you accidentally break or damage something, let the customer know and offer to cover any repair costs. This is only fair and it shows that you’re an honest worker.

Stick within your skillset

Often, customers are very wary of those who try to do a job that isn’t normally part of their trade. It is important to manage expectations by being clear on what your skills are and what you can and cannot achieve for your customers. Try not to promise anything you can’t deliver.

Join the club

Joining an industry body membership will add to your credibility and make customers feel at ease that you know what you’re doing.

Ask for feedback and follow-up with old customers


You can ask clients for feedback so if there are any problems, you can amend them. Getting client feedback is also useful for future customers, as they may have similar needs and wants. The more experience you have with customers, the better your service will be. You can adjust how you work to make for happier customers.


As well as this, don’t forget to check on previous clients. Take some time to call them and find out if your work is still up to scratch or if they need anything else. Phone calls add that personal touch in helping to retain a good client relationship.

Customer leaving a review

Online reputation

Having an online presence is important in boosting customer confidence. If you have a website or place where customers can easily get information and get in contact, it will make them sure of your abilities to deliver great results. After all, a good online reputation can go a long way.

Having an online presence where you can show potential new customers your previous work, e.g. videos of you doing an installation and pictures of finished work, will boost your chances of getting a happy new customer. If you can’t maintain a website, a Google My Business listing, or listing on other reputable trade sites, will go a long way.

Take extra training courses

Though it may go without saying that you need to do the job well, consider taking any extra training courses that could help do your job that little bit better. It will pay off when working on customers’ houses and ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Be sure to keep up to date with the latest tradesperson knowledge, so you can do the up-most best job for your customers to keep them satisfied.

For more information on keeping customers happy, look at our Trade Matters page, with helpful tips and guides when on the job.

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