How to care for Dakea roof windows

Dakea roof windows require little care, but a few simple steps will ensure they remain in tip top condition for a long time

Dakea roof windows are made from only the best quality materials, using the highest manufacturing standards possible so it’s worth being aware of, and ensuring your clients know too, how to care for your Dakea roof windows properly.

Most of our models require just the usual cleaning of the window pane and re-lacquering of the wood every two years.

However, if they're installed in rooms with a high level of humidity, such as a bathroom or kitchen, they may require re-lacquering more often so always keep an eye on wooden frames.

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The Dakea difference

All Dakea's roof windows rotate up to 165 degrees to allow the external pane to be easily cleaned. What's more, the Dakea Ultima range and Azure roof window have a toughened external pane with an easy-to-clean coating as well as a laminated internal pane.

This special coating reacts with ultra-violet rays present in natural daylight to break down and disintegrate organic dirt. It also uses rain to wash away the disintegrated dirt making your window maintenance environmentally friendly and carefree. The glass also dries faster, reducing the streaks on the glass surface.

All the roof windows in Dakea's PVC (Ultima, Better & Good) range have a white, clean profile reinforced with steel so a wipe with hot soapy water when needed is all that's required.

All you need to do is to clean the Dakea blinds with a damp cloth when it's needed.

Looking after your roller shutter. We recommend you periodically clean the gutter and the area around the roller, it doesn't need servicing.

There is not much maintenance needed for your Electric Opener. We recommend that you grease the chain once a year to keep it running smoothly. Also replace the batteries in the remote control handset regularly to prevent battery leakage damage.

The condensation question

Homeowners should always keep an eye on condensation in the home. Properly-installed Dakea windows should ensure any room is kept condensation-free but if you suspect it's an issue there are steps to take to reduce it and keep roof windows looking great for longer

• Dry clothes outdoors or using a vented tumble dryer wherever possible.

• Open windows in rooms that experience condensation for at least 10 minutes a day. This will refresh the air in the room, allowing cooler, dryer air to enter, and warm moisture-laden air to exit.

• Use a thermostat to ensure the home and room are at a constant warm temperature.

• You can also fix any incorrectly installed plasterboard or radiators and add additional heaters.

Condensation on a window

Ignition risks

Be aware of ignition risks when placing glass, mirrors and other reflective items in a room with roof windows.
When exposed to sun rays directly, these objects can become a fire hazard in the home.

Always be aware of where the light comes in through the roof window and falls within the room – fire experts say these hazards are more common in the winter sunshine, when the sun is low but also during summer months when the sun is stronger.

Many decorative pieces will magnify the sun’s rays to become flammable items, producing enough heat to ignite them. So always think twice about possible hazards and whether glass could be in the direct sunlight.

Not fade away

When designing and organising a room which contains a new roof window it's also worth considering where the sofa, carpets and other textiles are sitting to prevent them from fading or being otherwise damaged by the sun over time.

Dakea's Ultima range has laminated glazing which block 95% of harmful UV-rays thus preventing fading.

And take a look at our range of blinds to protect your furniture and other belongings.

Protect from rain

Rain sensors on electrically-operated windows are always a good idea to keep both your internal frame and your room rain-free and safe.

Dakea’s Electric Opener, Azure and Smoke Vent roof windows all have rain sensors to protect your home in bad weather. The sensor detects rain and automatically closes the roof window, protecting the room from surprise showers.

Leaking roof window?

Your homeowner may think their roof window is leaking if rain is coming through and into the room below, but if it's new there may be a simpler explanation that the window is incorrectly closed.
Dakea's roof windows are made to shut firmly so ensure the homeowner knows how to operate the window correctly upon installation.

If a roof window doesn't appear to be closing properly, check that there’s nothing stopping it such as twigs, leaves or other debris. Also check that the closing mechanism works properly. If it’s damaged, the leak could be caused by the window not sealing when it closes.

The roof window may also have become misaligned due to some movement, simply lifting it, slightly shifting it and trying to close it again may ensure it closes well. Other fixes, like lubricating or cleaning the sliding track, may also fix it well.

Universal flashing to prevent skylight leaks


• It's a good idea to clean the wood with hot soapy water from time to time.

• Experts recommend the centre hinges are also greased to ensure a smooth rotation of the window. And clean around the gutters on the window for a free flow of rainwater.

• Ensure your clients are aware of all the above and they will have Dakea roof windows that will work well and keep their home safe and secure for many years to come. This is why, after all, Dakea roof windows have a 20-year guarantee.

Cleaning a roof window with a squeegee

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