Dakea Roof Windows: High Performance at a Competitive Price

Roof windows are a game-changer for homeowners. They bathe rooms in natural light, improve air circulation, and add a unique, elegant touch to any space. But, for professionals, finding the perfect balance between performance and affordability can be a challenge.

Luckily, at Dakea, we’re experts in roof windows, and we understand the importance of striking that perfect balance. We’ve designed a roof window system that delivers exceptional performance at a competitive price point. This means you can offer your clients the benefits they crave without breaking the bank.

Built to last: durability and security

When we say our windows offer high performance, you don’t have to take our word for it!

When we hit our Ultima roof window with a 50kg impactor, the window was undamaged. This is a true testament to the durability and strength of our materials, but it also highlights our windows’ ability to provide exceptional levels of security and protection against intruders.

We’re so confident in our windows, we offer a 20-year guarantee, meaning you can provide your customers with peace of mind in knowing that their windows are built to last.

Insulation: energy efficiency and energy savings

Finding a window system with exceptional thermal efficiency is crucial. At Dakea, we offer a range specifically crafted to deliver exceptional thermal efficiency. Our Ultima Energy and Ultima Energy PVC windows feature krypton gas-filled triple glazing units and low-E glass coatings to provide excellent insulation.

Our highest performing roof window, Ultima Energy, offers U-values of just 0.99 W/M2 K. This translates to happy customers with thermally-efficient homes – and lower energy costs.

We also, however, offer more budget-friendly options such as our Better Energy window, which still offers exceptional thermal performance at a lower price point.

Keeping the elements at bay: weather protection 

Unlike traditional windows that deflect some of the weather due to their angle, roof windows are installed on a slant and so are more exposed to the elements. This means that it is even more essential that they are watertight and weatherproof!

We tested our Ultima roof windows against both 144 KM/H speed winds and 600 litres of rainwater. Not only did our windows stand up against such extreme weather conditions, but they also remained watertight and leakproof.

Styles to suit every taste: PVC and timber

When looking for roof windows to offer your customers, it’s important to not overlook the importance of style. Our full range includes flat and pitched roof windows in a variety of styles – we also offer a choice of white PVC or timber so your customers can create the exact look they are after.

We can even offer a selection of  accessories which ranges from stylish venetian blinds (a popular choice) to blackout blinds, allowing your customers to control the amount of daylight that enters. We also offer anti-heat blinds which are perfect for hot attic spaces – these blinds deflect the sun’s heat while still allowing fresh air to circulate.

With Dakea, you can offer your customers the perfect window to match their needs and aesthetics. Whether your customers are looking for modern flat roof windows (like our Azure Electric) or heritage-inspired designs (like our Conservation windows), at Dakea we can provide the perfect solution.

Dakea roof windows – high quality windows at competitive prices

When looking for a supplier of high quality roof windows, you need to know that you are choosing a supplier you can trust.

Dakea is part of the VELXUX Group, which benefits from over 80 years of industry experience. Our technical expertise and knowledge means that we can offer leading solutions at an affordable price point.

At Dakea, we are also always on hand to help our installers with anything they need. If you would like help choosing the right roof windows for your project, please contact us – our team is more than happy to help.

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