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An impressive new housing development in Liverpool called for only the best materials and that includes roof windows.

When a property developers starts constructing new, spacious, light-filled and modern family homes in a sought-after area it’s likely they’ll be so popular they’ll sell off plan.

And this is what happened with Childwall Homes' Glendevon Road development in Liverpool.

Based in the smart residential area of Childwall the project boasts eight family homes, two detached and six semi-detached, each with state-of-art interiors and fittings and with their own gardens.

These high-quality family homes each have 3 or 4 bedrooms and are due to complete by late summer or autumn 2021, ready for the new owners to move in.

When Mark Cooper, MD of Markbuild Construction who are in charge of the build, looked at choosing windows and roof windows for each home they knew they needed modern, great-looking and cost-efficient models.

Which is where Dakea came in. "After looking at Dakea's products, we were confident of the high quality of each roof window and knew they'd fit in with the high spec design of the development. Added to that, Dakea had a competitive edge when it came to price. So for us choosing Dakea roof windows was a no-brainer."

And Mark was also happy with the level of after-sales support from Dakea. "They have been great, right through from discussing our requirements with us and ensuring the right windows for the project were ordered. Just four or five days later they were on site and showing us how to best install the roof windows."

Dakea Internal Sales Head Samantha Mason says, "We looked at the architectural drawings to pinpoint the ideal roof windows for the project.
Some were high in the roof and others over countertops so all that had to be taken into account and discussed with Mark."

Together they decided on 28 Dakea Better Safe White KAV B1010 centre-pivot roof windows with electric openings in size C2A (55cm x 78cm). to be installed throughout the development. The Better Safe are popular for their exceptional glazing, energy conservation performance, safety, and comfortable use.

What's more, the stand-out glazing on this window is equipped with Dakea's Thermostat feature – a double low emission coating that reflects heat back into the room and gives a thermal transmittance of 1,3 W/m2K. This means that each home in the Childwall development will have efficient heating and lower energy bills.

The Dakea Better Safe also has a ventilation valve and a handle with two additional locking positions for flexible ventilation control.

Once the Dakea roof windows arrived on site, a Dakea representative visited the site to support the builders and installers, running through the first install with the team to show them the best way of installing the Better Safe windows. The team's electricians were also shown how to wire the windows' electric openings.

Samantha Mason comments: "We're proud that Dakea offers professional and personal support from the beginning and once installers have learned the best way to install our windows they can take this knowledge on to their next project."
Mark told us: "We were happy with the finished product and with the service we got from Dakea and will be using them on our next project."

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