Keep your home safe with Dakea's new Secure roof window

Dakea know how important your home is which is why we've launched the KAQ Secure, our first burglary-resistant roof window. The KAQ Secure has a number of rigorously-tested features, all designed to deter would-be burglars from breaking into your home. Yet the KAQ Secure still looks as streamlined and modern as any Dakea roof window.

"No window can be 100% burglar-proof but we've used technology and our testing laboratories to ensure the KAQ Secure is one of the safest and best defended roof windows on the market," says Paul Edwards, Dakea Area Sales Manager in South West England & South Wales. "The unique combination of different features means Dakea is confident that the KAQ Secure window will provide a substantial deterrent to would-be burglars, and help prevent break-ins to any property."

The KAQ Secure roof window boasts the following features:

• P4A classified glazing which is extra secure and hard to smash.
• Extra-long anti-theft screws that prove difficult for burglars to take out.
• A pane that's glued to the sash which makes dismantling the pane very difficult.
• Reinforced hinges with screw bolts and nuts that strengthen the assembly.
• Two hard-to-spot locks for additional security.

The Dakea KAQ Secure roof window was tested in three ways by an external testing and certification company to ensure it was burglary-safe:

1. Static loading rigs and equipment was used on the corners, fixing points and glass of the window. It was subjected to pressure pads tests of both 300kg and 150kg.
2. Dynamic loading was tested with a 50kg pendulum impactor to the centre of the glass and each corner of the glazing unit.
3. The KAQ Secure window was subjected to manual attack testing using different sets of burglars' tools. These were used to attempt to gain access through the window by testers.

The results of this rigorous testing mean that the Dakea KAQ Secure roof window meets the RC2 burglary resistance classification according to EN 1627 harmonized European standard. So installers and homeowners have peace of mind, knowing the property is protected.

A secure window

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