with a satisfied customer - TIPS FROM OUR LOFT EXTENSION EXPERT.

Jon Moore of Room at The Top loft extensions has these tips:

When you and your team work hard to ensure a prompt turnaround on a project,

it's vital to also make sure the homeowner is happy with your work and doesn't need you to return to the build.

These are his tips:

1Before you leave a job, ensure that the roof window is working correctly. The action of the window should be smooth, the handle operating properly, andthe trickle vents should pop in and out correctly. Always double check that every fixing and screw is tight. 2Ensure that the customer knows how to open, close and operate the window correctly and how to operate any electric openers, roller shutters or blinds. 3 Room at the Top always leave a closing pack with homeowners, with all the details they need including their personal guarantees and information on getting their Dakea windows' 20-year guarantee registered too. 4 Go round the build and ensure everything is done on the snag list and ensure the homeowner is happy before you leave.

Jon told us.

Once you know the different steps and take them in order, you'll be confident the roof window is safely and securely installed.

Jon and his Room at the Top team leave the house in Moortown,

Leeds with a spacious,

high-quality loft extension giving them a new double bedroom and en-suite bathroom with great views across the area, to enjoy for a long time to come.

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