Installing a roof window

We join loft extension expert Jon Moore
as he fits a Dakea roof window

Jon has some tips

to bear in mind to get a swift and smooth installation every time.

Our expert roof window installer, Jon of Room at The Top loft extensions, is an experienced installer who can install a Dakea roof window in under half an hour.

These are his tips:

1Always use a collar under to suit the roof material used, this will give complete heat insulation and improve the performance and lifespan of a roof window. 2 Always envelope the window frame in the roofing membrane/felt by cutting an X into the membrane and flapping each quarter of it outwards. 3 Remember to always wear gloves with a good grip when lifting the window sash into place - it may be necessary to use a ladder or scaffold to give extra height too but ensure the equipment doesn’t hinder access to the window and frame.

Jon told us.

Once you know the different steps and take them in order, you'll be confident the roof window is safely and securely installed.

It may be necessary to have colleagues assist at this stage.

And always take care not to knock the sash or frame as this may damage the window.

At the Leeds project, Jon showed apprentice John how to fit a Dakea roof window for the first time.

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