Preparing to install roof windows

We join Jon Moore at his latest project to hear
how he gets ready for window installation

Our expert, Jon Moore

from Room at The Top loft extensions,

knows the importance of preparing for a window installation properly.

These are his tips:

1As soon as your boxed Dakea window arrives, check the box for damage. If it's torn or broken in any way let your merchant or the manufacturer know right away. 2 Check you have all the window parts: refer to the instructions and lay all parts out then identify them so you can know you have all you need for installation. 3 It's safer to install the windows from the inside but if you're opening a hole in the roof to fit the window, always cordon off the area below the roof just in case you lose a tile.

Jon told us.

Even if you're an experienced installer who has installed a roof window many times, know your limitations: roof windows are very heavy so it's always worth getting help especially when handing the roof window from the packaging and lifting into position.

Never store the window out of the box, either. The roof window is only balanced when in the box.

Every window comes with an instruction

leaflet so take the time to read it before you start the installation process.

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