Choosing the right
number of windows
for your project

Our loft extension expert Jon Moore
gives us the lowdown on advising customers

A well-constructed

loft extension will maximise views from the top of the home, give homeowners a whole new floor to enjoy and can even add as much as 20% to a property's value.

A loft extension is an opportunity to have an extra well-lit room that is full of daylight while also feels snug and warm in the evenings.

Natural daylight has a positive effect on us:

1It reduces stress. 2 Improves our mood and even helps our concentration - vital if the new room is being used as a home office..

Jon says.

And choosing the right number of windows for a project is key.

Installing roof windows in a loft lets in almost twice as much daylight than a dormer or vertical window.

For this project in Leeds Jon Moore's company Room at the Top loft extensions are creating an extra double bedroom with an en -suite bathroom added to their home.

The three windows meant the bedroom had more than ample light pouring in addition to the PVC dormer window.

It also lets a large amount of light to flow over the staircase which would ordinarily be quite dark without that roof window

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