With Smart Homes on the rise, what could be better than a solar-operated blind that can be fully integrated into your smart home? It’s an eco-friendly option that uses solar energy to make closing or opening your roof window easier than ever.


What are solar blinds?

Solar blinds use a photovoltaic system to take energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. They don’t need to be connected into a solar power system: they have an in built solar panel and battery that stores the energy and uses it to operate the blind. As they are electrically operated, they can be integrated into a Smart Home system.

They’re a particularly good choice for flat roof windows as these are often hard to reach and hard to manually operate! Instead, you can close and open your roof window in a click of a button.


Dakea’s solar blind for flat roof windows

Dakea’s new Solar Blind for Flat Roof Window (FSA) fits stylishly and neatly into Dakea’s flat roof windows, allowing the homeowner to control the amount of daylight in their room at the touch of a button.

What’s more, because it works using solar energy your client can be confident that the roof window blind is eco-friendly and saves money on energy bills.

Even in cloudy or wet weather, solar energy is stored in the battery that operates the blind and allows up to 600 operations with one charge.

The pleated fabric of the blind (which comes in black or white) provides virtually 100% blackout and excellent privacy, making it the ideal choice for bedrooms.

The special aluminum layer in the honeycomb cloth is designed to add up to an extra 51% of solar heat.

The sleek design also features anodised aluminum rails with no visible cords and a factory-paired wall switch.

a flat roof window with a blind

The Solar Blind is quick and easy to install. Thanks to the inbuilt solar panel, no wiring is needed and each blind also comes with a two-year guarantee.

Andrew Birch, Dakea’s Regional Sales Manager GB & Ireland, says: “We’re confident this blind will prove popular as it’s so effective for the homeowner and easy to fit for the installer.”

Homeowners who prefer a shutter for their pitched roof window can enjoy less heat and more shade in their property with Dakea’s Solar Roller Shutter (SSR) which is also solar-powered, making it a smart eco-friendly choice.

The shutter is made of coated aluminum and double insulated aluminum slats to protect rooms against heat in the summer and cold (with up to 16% more thermal insulation) in the winter. What’s more, when the externally-fitted shutter is closed it provides extra sound reduction and 100% privacy as well as security.

So however your homeowners want to control the daylight through their roof window this summer, Dakea ensures they can do it in an eco-friendly fashion.

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