Only one third of trades think the industry has a good reputation So, what does this mean for you?

As a leading roof window provider, we work with a range of installers and contractors. We know that they rely on their good reputation to secure work. However only one third of trades think the industry has a positive reputation!

When we asked 500 roofers, installers and local contractors around the country about the impact that low quality construction work was having on the perception of the sector, 41 per cent of those surveyed admitted that they have struggled to retain clients due to price undercutting by “cowboy builders”.

What’s more, 63 per cent of all installers and local contractors believe that customers prioritise cost over a better standard of work quality and customer experience leading to an increasing number of disappointed customers with the final result of their work

When we sat down and asked tradespeople what they thought about this, here’s what they had to say: “A good customer will talk a thousand words. All it takes is one good job for a good customer and you could end up with ten-fold jobs out of it.

“There’s a reason good tradespeople charge what they do. The overheads are there for providing that good job. If you go in, get whatever material you can get and throw it in as quick as possible then it can be done at a lower cost but the quality is not going to be there and that’s the fundamental of it all – it’s the time taken to make sure that job is perfect.”

Another tradesperson added: “You get cowboys in all trades. How do you find a good roofer? A good plumber? A good electrician? It’s word of mouth which means more than anything.”

To help tradespeople promote their good work, as part of our Trade Matters campaign we’ve created some tools that will help you promote your good reputation, such as:

  • A customer feedback form
  • A recommend a friend flyer
  • A good supplier checklist

To get your hand on these handy tools, just click here

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