One fifth of tradespeople worry their working practices are outdated – how tech-savvy are you?

In a recent survey we conducted, we revealed that 1/5 of tradespeople think the way they are working is outdated and 10 per cent admitted that they barely use any technology as part of their daily work.

Shockingly, 25 per cent of tradespeople believe the entire trade industry needs to be better at adopting tech in the workplace and a further 1/5 said that they don’t use technology effectively in their day-to-day job.

But embracing technology in your role can have some real benefits with 47% of tradespeople saying using tech can save them time and 37% saying it could save them money!

For those that do use tech it was interesting to see what parts of their job they find it useful for.  The most popular reasons for using technology were:

  • Browsing merchant/manufacturers websites (66%)
  • Purchasing products (61%)
  • Completing finances (40%)
  • Online training/webinars (34%)
  • Admin (31%)
  • Accessing loyalty schemes (26%)

To make sure that tradespeople can get to grips with the technology they need to know, we have created a selection of free guides that includes advice on the websites, apps, tools and tech that can help them save time, learn new skills and drum up business opportunities.

To get your hands on the downloads, visit Trade Matters, here.

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