New flashing launched by Dakea

Dakea,  has launched a new style of flashing, the FCX Combi Dakea Flat Tile Flashing, to add to its high-quality range of window accessories. Flashing is the last step that finishes off a successful installation and this model is specifically designed for flat interlocking roof tiles, allowing the tiles to sit tight to the sides of the flashing and give a more streamlined look.

Housebuilders, installers, and homeowners need to be confident that their choice of flashing will form a watertight seal around the window, ensuring it stays protected against rain for years to come. Dakea’s products all come with a 20-year guarantee (the longest in the industry), giving peace of mind that there will be no leaks leading to expensive repair work.

The new Dakea Flat Tile Flashing ticks all the boxes for installers; it’s easy to install, uses lead-free components and ensures a perfect seal. It’s also fitted without a flexible apron on the bottom flashing section giving that sleeker look so many homeowners want.

The Dakea Combi Flat Tile Flashing is applicable in roof pitch range of 15-90°, suitable for interlocking flat tiles between 16-50mm thickness and has been made for installations of multiple roof windows with a horizontal distance of 120 mm. We also have a tile roof flashing for single installations.


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