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THE ERA OF GREEN BUILDINGS Due to new regulations and the fact that the Netherlands wants to reduce gas usage to zero by 2050, more and more homeowners in the country are starting to invest in buildings that will be environmentally sustainable, by installing a green electricity source. It has also become increasingly important to choose materials that will insulate the building and help to boost energy efficiency by keeping the heat circulating within the house. This energy self-sufficient housing is a trend that influenced Bloemendal Bouw and their project to renovate 97 houses and flats located in Leusden, NL. All of these buildings were renovated using materials that will help keep heat loss to a minimum and so that they are in line with the new regulations. This could also help to lower heating bills for future owners.


The company was founded in 1961 and became Leusden’s best-known contractor. In 2003 it was taken over by Bert Boeijink and Jan Costa, with the aim of constructing high-quality buildings. The projects carried out by them now are mainly renovations and new builds, such as houses (both traditional and energy neutral), schools and hospitals. The company also has a lot of experience in refurbishment, maintenance projects, technical installations and energy-neutral renovations. With this set of skills, industry knowledge and their business experience, Bloemendal Bouw is the perfect choice for any project involving advanced construction techniques.

Roof window - Energy efficient housing in the Netherlands


The planning for the Hamershof project started in 2015. It’s a shopping centre built in the 80’s, with flats situated above the stores. From the beginning, there was no doubt that the renovation would have to be executed in a way that would make the apartments and housing energy efficient. This has now been achieved thanks to 20 solar panels installed on each roof, enabling warmth pumps to deliver heating and warm water. The properties are also now perfectly insulated.
Bloemendal Bouw makes the prefabricated elements in their factory, which means that all components required to construct the roof are brought in pieces to the site and installed there.
This is both cost effective and ensures timely installation. In addition, all the elements are tightly sealed, which could not be done with as much precision on a construction site. It also keeps heat loss to a minimum.

Blackout blind - Energy efficient housing in the Netherlands


It is very important to have the right partners on board when it comes to such a complex project. The expectations for the roof window supplier was to come up with a solution that would be the best fit for the surrounding environment, the specific housing requirements and that would blend into an area of existing buildings. Jan Costa, CEO of Bloemendal Bouw, “Dakea provided us with the best solution for this project - Dakea Ultima. To be honest, at first I was a little sceptical as I didn’t know the brand. But after the introduction I have realized that Dakea is a part of the VKR holding and I was immediately reassured that it would be a good match for the challenges in this project. And after the installation of a demo house, everybody was on board when it comes to this choice”. This decision was backed up by a 20-year guarantee, which gives peace of mind to the VVE and the homeowners, as well as Bloemendal Bouw (especially as the project and renovation will be completed within 12 months).

Energy efficient housing in the Netherlands roof windows DAKEA

When it comes to the roof windows, apart from the high-quality that Bloemendal Bouw is used to, it was also important that air leakages and any other issues were kept to a minimum. The insulation values needed to be outstanding to keep as much of the generated energy within the house. The installation process also needed to be intuitive and smooth, without issues that could increase installation time. Last but not least, due to the fact that these houses are situated in a noisy city centre and have warmth pumps that generate a little bit of noise (with the bedroom just below), noise reduction was crucial for the contractor which is why Ultima was considered the best choice. 230 windows will be needed in order to complete the project, mainly in size U8A (134x140), to bring as much light as possible into the living areas. Smaller windows (C2A) will be installed in the bathrooms.

Installing roof windows


“Bloemendal Bouw is a leader and specialist in building and renovating buildings in the most durable way, they can provide total solutions which helps in the total renovation plan for the Hamershof project.” - project manager Wim van Dijk said proudly. Although every project has its own plus points, whether it’s a restoration, new build or renovation, this specific project has been particularly special for van Dijkas as it shows just how far ahead Bloemendal Bouw is when it comes to making homes ‘0 on the meter’.

Energy efficient housing in the Netherlands house

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