Dakea shifts to zero plastic packaging

At Dakea, sustainability is at the centre of all we do. As a company, Dakea have long worked to reduce waste and air pollution as well as use low-carbon building materials and FSC-approved wood. Last year Dakea introduced the WeCare Sustainability Strategy*, focusing on three key areas; climate action, sustainable products and responsible business. This strategy also aims to make the company carbon neutral by 2030**. As part of this strategy, Dakea is pleased to announce our zero plastic packaging initiative, which is already being rolled out.

The initiative sees Dakea introducing upgraded cardboard box packaging and replacing the plastic components in all our boxes with paper-based packaging materials.

These important changes will help the construction industry, particularly housebuilders and property developers, with on-site waste management.

This shift to zero plastic packaging will save an estimated 9 tonnes of plastic annually***.

Look out for these changes in our new packaging when you next buy a Dakea roof window or accessory:

• Zero plastic packaging in the box, with paper-based alternatives replacing them. The screw bag and packing straps are also replaced with FSC-approved paper alternatives.

• A more robust and durable cardboard box, with double flute construction, means less damage during handling and transportation leading to fewer returns and claim orders.

• New carrying straps, made from mix of cotton 80% and polyester 20%, make handling easier.

• The new packaging can be easily broken down to be recycled.

• We've reduced printed material with installation information now being accessed via a QR code, clearly marked on the box, linking to Dakea’s installation videos.

. • Main information on maintenance procedures and available accessories are now in an envelope attached to the roof window pane.

• The box labelling and branding have also been redesigned with less ink and colour on the box but clearer and easier-to-follow product information

“Waste management is one of the biggest challenges for the industry. If we are to take our joint responsibility seriously, we need to make changes now, not later. It is all part of holding ourselves to account at the highest level, hence why we developed our sustainability strategy with SBTi. With our more environmentally friendly packaging, on-site waste management for housebuilders is now easier.”

John McGuire,
Dakea International Sales Director

Have you used our new zero plastic packaging? Let us know what you think on our LinkedIn or Facebook page.

*The WeCare Sustainability Strategy was developed in conjunction with the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), a coalition of expert organizations that helps private companies to set science backed climate goals.

** Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions from owned or controlled sources. Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy.

***Calculated in accordance with 2022 company roof window, skylights and accessories sales.

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